Still Life

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Learn the skills to create realistic still lifes with convenient online classes. Get guidance and personalized advice from world-renowned instructors anytime, anywhere, forever.

Layering Colors by Mary P. Murphy
The Craftsy Bouquet by Mary P. Murphy
Hibiscus by nandhinij2498188

Watercolor Flower Bouquet

Mary Murphy


Paint a vibrant floral still life with essential skills that will transfer to every watercolor work you create!

Finished Painting by Tony Curanaj
The Lure of the Beach, by Debra Keirce by debrakeir1718387
Gerald's Painters Handbook Project by geraldt

The Oil Painter's Handbook

Tony Curanaj


From composition and value to color mixing and oil paint application, get the step-by-step guidance you need to create an oil painting with photo-like realism!

Goldfishes based on Matisse by Lavande
As Van Gogh by Loulousan1425260
Tropical Breeze by Loulousan1425260

The Artful Copy: How to Paint Like a Master

Molly Herman

Explore the classic techniques of celebrated masterpieces to enhance your painting skills and creative vision! See more

20th-Century Palette by Scott Gellatly
Morning by Alex Buzunov
Impressionist Palette by Scott Gellatly

Master Palettes: Exploring Color Mixing

Scott Gellatly

Explore foundational color theory in oil painting as artist Scott Gellatly defines three art movement color palettes and their characteristics.

Still Life Pieces

Immerse yourself in beautiful still lifes! Check out the amazing paintings and drawings fellow students have created and upload your latest project for helpful feedback and encouragement.

Russian Fairy Tales

by kannyee3096846

still life peonies

by Kreative Kandy

#SeeingRed A Plentiful Life

by kannyee3096846

#SeeingRed Red Apples

by Selva Wilson

Montana still life

by angie_sel1836441