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Learn how to add pockets, get tips for successful in the hoop projects and more, with in-depth pieces from expert machine embroiderers.

How to Stitch a Word Cloud

Have you seen those really cute graphics that have words fitted inside a shape? I have seen that done in machine embroidery and wanted to see if I ...

Fringing Around With Machine Embroidery

Making fringe using the embroidery machine opens up some unique three-dimensional opportunities for all kinds of projects from art quilts to ...

How to Make Machine Embroidered Doll Hair

Handmade dolls are wonderful treasures for boys and girls. Adding hair to handmade dolls can take a lot of time if the yarn is hand stitched onto the ...

Embroidery Patterns

From butterflies to roses, kittens, and beyond find beautiful machine embroidery patterns.

Blue African Violets


Machine Embroidery Classes

Enroll in online machine embroidery classes taught by the world's best instructors, and learn professional techniques for free-motion embroidery, machine embroidery with terrycloth, and more.

Free-Motion Machine Embroidery

Terry White



Go beyond automated embroidery designs. Let Terry White teach you how to free-motion embroider on either a sewing or embroidery machine.

Student Projects from this class

Blue Cat With Red Apples

Blue Cat With Red Apples

by Terry White

Painted Bird

Painted Bird

by Spiderladyone

Mod Flowers

Mod Flowers

by Terry White

Creating a New Shape by Eileen Roche
Cowl Neck T-Shirt with Embroidery by Eileen Roche
t-shirt by 4vosjes961770

The Machine Embroidered T-Shirt

Eileen Roche


Transform your T-shirts from casual to chic with machine-embroidered embellishments.

Sweatshirt by Deborah Jones
Onesie by Deborah Jones
Happy New Year Baby! by EmbrdryDetails

Machine Embroidery With Knits

Deborah Jones


Embroider for the whole team! Let Deborah Jones teach you to create custom golf shirts, uniforms, T-shirts, swimsuits and even onesies using your favorite knit fabric!

Machine Embroidery Projects

Explore machine embroidery projects by fellow members before embarking on your own. Or share your most recent designs.