Drawing: Landscapes

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Landscape Drawings

Jump-start your creativity with incredible landscape drawings created by Craftsy members. Plus, upload and show off your own!

Project 2

by DKWoodward

Landscape 1st Assignment

by Carol Ann Waugh

Drawing Landscapes

by Nancy Ellen Thompson

Landscape Drawing Classes

Draw your best landscapes yet with expert instruction in online classes taught by world-class artists.

Perspective in Landscape Drawing

Patrick Connors



Master linear perspective and learn to draw landscapes accurately using simple tools and classic techniques.

Student Projects from this class

Continuing the Process

Continuing the Process

by Patrick Connors

Planning the Process

Planning the Process

by Patrick Connors

Under the Palms at Daintree Rainforest by Teresa Berg
Dogwood by Shadra Strickland
Landscape With Pen & Brush by Matt Rota

Mixed Media: Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Matt Rota

Create captivating, expressive artwork defined in ink and brought to life with luminous watercolors.

Geometric Exercise by Jeff DiCicco
Exterior One-Point Perspective Drawing by Jeff DiCicco
Exterior Drawing by Jeff DiCicco

The Art & Science of Perspective

Jeff DiCicco


Transform your work from flat to fully dimensional with essential perspective techniques! See more

Landscape Drawing Blog Posts

Get essential tips, tricks and tutorials for drawing stunning landscapes with in-depth pieces from experts.

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