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Portrait Drawings

Explore beautiful drawings of figures and portraits created by Craftsy members. And, show off your latest works!

Les Miserables

by Elias Demetriou

Reflections #AboutFace

by Brianna_moose

Portrait Drawing Practice

by AcousticRuby

Portrait Drawing-Natasha

by creative art Natasha

Portrait Drawing self Sookky

by fb mssiranush

Portrait Drawing Classes

Learn the secrets to drawing lifelike figures and portraits in online classes taught by the world's best instructors.

Drawing Children: Charcoal Portraits

Hetty Easter


Create a captivating charcoal portrait with essential techniques!

Student Projects from this class

Portrait of Koomla

Portrait of Koomla

by Hetty Easter

Portrait of Clara

Portrait of Clara

by Hetty Easter

Portrait of Ignatius

Portrait of Ignatius

by Hetty Easter

Day Dreaming by chomaee
Girl in a black hat by LifeSparkle
Look by Elias Demetriou

Traditional Portrait Drawing Techniques

Jennifer Gennari


Draw an expressive charcoal portrait using the time-honored techniques of Rembrandt and da Vinci!

Eyes by Gary Faigin
Reflection #ICM2014 by sinisterscribe
Self Portrait by Gary Faigin

Drawing Facial Features

Gary Faigin


Capture the features of the human face with riveting realism! Master the technical and structural elements behind a perfectly-drawn portrait.

Figure & Portrait Drawing Blog Posts

Bring expressive figures and portraits to life with drawing tips and tricks from experts in free, in-depth articles.

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