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Learn the art of shuttle tatting from one of the best in the business, & explore everything from knots & stitches to advanced split chain and beadwork techniques.

Shuttle Tatting

Marilee Rockley



Shuttle Tatting

Marilee Rockley

The lost art of shuttle tatting has been found! Marilee Rockley guides you through the steps of this delicate craft, from basic to advanced.

Student Projects from this class

Discover how to create exquisite vintage stitches, the ethereal Rhapsody necklace, Floret earrings and even more, with tatting patterns.

Tatting Projects

Admire the tatting accomplishments of fellow Craftsy members and upload your own lovely lace creations.

Tatting 1

by sammie89

Tatted Earrings

by Ratfancy

tatted earrings

by carolyn.s37083

Tatted Necklace

by KBfibers