Craftsy Instructor Course Proposal Form

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About the Instructor

Instructor's Online Presence Help us gauge your participation in and influence on existing online communities.

Please provide links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Ravelry, etc.) as well as the count of followers or fans you have on each media platform.)

Instructor's Qualifications Explain your qualifications to teach this course content.

Instructor's Availability

Let us know the instructor's availability for teaching the course. Consider planning time along with 2-3 intensive days of filming the class.

About the Proposed Course

Describe the category and course content, naming proposed projects and/or techniques that will be taught.
Summarize the course. Most of our courses are broken into approximately seven, 20- to 30-minute lessons. Please discuss how this content would fit into these parameters.
Provide one sample lesson. Break it out into specific steps, and include common mistakes and tips for fixing those mistakes.
If applicable, please provide information on when and how this educational content has been presented previously in any format (book, DVD, course, magazine, etc.)

About the Proposed Course's Audience

Describe the target audience. Write a 3-4 sentence description of the types of students who would be attracted to the content for this course.
List the top 5 indicators that this course is unique in the course marketplace or in high demand. Specifically answer the question: Why and how will this class contribute to the Craftsy catalog and community?
If applicable, explain the particular time of year that the audience will be more likely to need/want this course.