Vintage Cake Design

Sculpting & Stenciling

with Lindy Smith

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Make a striking birdcage cake as you create antique textures, details and colors with Lindy Smith's carving, stenciling and hand-painting techniques. Read More…

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Class Description

Create an heirloom-inspired cake with guidance from international cake decorating sensation Lindy Smith. You'll make elegant cake boards, carve precise hexagonal cakes and a rounded cake dome, and cover it all seamlessly in fondant. Then, learn accessible techniques for painting an easy, exquisite background onto your cake, and using stencils and royal icing to make borders of detailed "bronze" motifs. Lindy will also teach you to create perfect lines of fondant for the structure and bars of your bird cage without piping. Plus, you'll hand-paint the birdcage structure for an alluring antique effect, and top it all off with a singing bird and a cake topper made from pastillage.

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Vintage Cake Design: Sculpting & Stenciling
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Lindy and get started prepping, covering and embossing your cake board.


Lesson 2. Creating & Stenciling the Large Baseboard

  • Lindy shows you how to make a stenciled and hand-painted collage on the large baseboard.


Lesson 3. Carving the Birdcage Cake

  • Get step-by-step instruction as you carve your cake. Learn to level and dowel the layers, align your tiers and shape the top of the birdcage.


Lesson 4. Covering the Cake with Buttercream & Fondant

  • Wondering how to get a flawless fondant covering on your birdcage's unique shape? Lindy shows you how with her simple two-step process.


Lesson 5. Painting & Stenciling the Cake

  • Paint your birdcage before applying beautiful stencils. Get an up-close view of the process and learn Lindy's time-saving tips.


Lesson 6. Adding the Cage’s Structure

  • Create the cage's lines and bars before learning how to expertly attach them to your cake.


Lesson 7. Making the Bird, Notes & Topper

  • See how Lindy builds the details that bring her birdcage to life. Mimic her embellishments or use her techniques to design and apply your own!


Lesson 8. The Finishing Touches

  • Pipe perfect beads, paint the birdcage and put together the cake's final details with Lindy's spot-on advice.

"An amazing class! She is a lovely person and an amazing teacher! Really loved the painting on the cake! Can't wait to try making a birdcage cake!"
- CDodd12

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Student Projects

Painting & Stenciling by Lindy Smith
  • Photo of Lindy Smith
  • by Lindy Smith
  • Painting & Stenciling
Baseboard Stencils by Lindy Smith
  • Photo of Lindy Smith
  • by Lindy Smith
  • Baseboard Stencils
Peach Birdcage by Jo Venes
  • Photo of Jo Venes
  • by Jo Venes
  • Peach Birdcage
Finishing Touches by Lindy Smith
  • Photo of Lindy Smith
  • by Lindy Smith
  • Finishing Touches

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