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Vietnamese Classics: Pho, Noodles & Beyond

with Andrea Nguyen
Vietnamese Classics: Pho, Noodles & Beyond
Discover the flavors and techniques of Vietnamís most popular dishes and simmer your way to phenomenal pho!

Bring the savory, subtly spiced flavors of your favorite Vietnamese dishes to life with guidance from Vietnamese culinary expert Andrea Nguyen. Take a tour of an Asian market and learn how to stock your own Asian pantry. Make a rice paper roll that looks as good as it tastes as you learn how to work with authentic Vietnamese ingredients, and uncover Andrea’s 30 minute shortcut to delicious pho! Then dive into the traditional preparation of beef and chicken pho. You’ll find out how to create pho’s signature clear broth and develop delicious umami flavor using charred ginger, onion, shallots and a combination of spices. Assemble your bowl like a pro with Andrea’s tips, and then create a rich, fragrant pork rice noodle bowl with a homemade marinade.  Plus, discover timesaving strategies for preparing ingredients in advance, properly storing leftovers––and even throwing a pho party! 

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Lesson 1. Goi Cuon (Rice Paper Rolls)

  • Meet your instructor, Andrea Nguyen, and dive right into making beautiful and delicious rice paper rolls with pork and shrimp. Andrea shares essential techniques for prepping ingredients and sauces and for handling rice paper. If you're a vegetarian, try a tofu roll!


Lesson 2. Shortcut Chicken Pho

  • Dip your toe into pho-making with Andrea's shortcut recipe that can be assembled quickly with ingredients found in most supermarkets. Satisfy that weeknight craving for this Vietnamese classic.


Lesson 3. Building an Asian Pantry

  • Visit an Asian market with Andrea to learn what you can stock in your kitchen to create authentic dishes, from lemon grass and napa cabbage to rice noodles, dried shrimp and jarred sauces.


Lesson 4. Pho Ga (Traditional Chicken Pho), Part 1

  • With your pantry stocked, you're ready to tackle traditional pho from scratch. Cook and laugh along with Andrea as you prepare a chicken broth with toasted spices and charred aromatics.


Lesson 5. Pho Ga, Part 2

  • Andrea shows how to strain your broth, then add noodles, herbs and more to assemble a soup that is as tasty as it is beautiful.


Lesson 6. Pho Bo, Part 1 (Traditional Beef Pho)

  • It's time to make the quintessential beef broth for your pho. Andrea discusses regional differences, then shows you how to prepare the classic Hanoi version by simmering marrow bones, then adding aromatics, spices and a touch of savory umami with dried seafood. As the broth cooks, you'll prepare the boneless beef as well.


Lesson 7. Pho Bo, Part 2

  • When the broth is ready, you'll prepare your noodles and toppings, then assemble the bowl to serve. Delicious!


Lesson 8. Pho Strategies

  • Whether you go out for pho or make it yourself, you'll want to eat it like a pro who has respect for the chef and the hours spent preparing it! Andrea discusses some pho faux pas and shows you how to prepare pho for a crowd and how to deal with leftovers.


Lesson 9. Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork Rice Noodle Bowl)

  • Andrea wraps up the class with another classic favorite. The pork rice noodle bowl is easy to prepare partly in advance so you can enjoy it for a weeknight dinner. The rich, smoky flavor of marinated, grilled pork skewers is balanced by fresh lettuce, herbs and noodles. Drizzle some dipping sauce and enjoy!

"I have always wanted to learn how to make spring rolls and pho, and not only is this class perfect for that but the instructor's laid-back approach to doing things makes me feel confident that I can make these dishes on my own! I also appreciate the information in terms of shopping for ingredients and explaining why certain processes are done the way she does them. Awesome class!!"
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