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Underneath It All

Guide to Interfacings, Linings & Facings

with Linda Lee
Underneath It All
Exquisite garments are thoughtfully made and skillfully sewn both inside and out. Learn to design and sew custom garment interiors for a truly fine finish.

Alongside fashionista Linda Lee, you'll learn essential skills for making and sewing fine garment interiors: choose interfacings, underlinings, interlinings, facings and linings, and install them perfectly in your garments. Bring stunning structure and a lifetime of longevity to your fabric with interfacings. Underline entire garments to reduce wrinkles and give beautiful body to limp fabrics. Interline your outerwear to protect your fabric and add warmth and comfort to the garment. Flawlessly finish raw edges on exposed areas of your garments with facings. Plus, you'll learn to line both pants and skirts, and Linda will even share how to draft and sew your own tailored jacket lining.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Meet Linda Lee & Get Started

  • Linda Lee introduces herself and explains the differences among interfacings, linings and facings as she shows a variety of garments in which you might use them.


Lesson 2. Sew-In Interfacings

  • While largely replaced by fusible interfacings these days, sew-in interfacings still have an important role in garment construction. Linda will show you how to audition interfacings, preshrink them if necessary, cut them correctly and baste them to your pattern pieces.


Lesson 3. Fusible Interfacings

  • Not all fusibles are built alike! Learn to distinguish among the different varieties and how to apply them. Linda has some great time-saving tips, too.


Lesson 4. Underlinings

  • Review with Linda the different kinds of fabrics you can use for underlinings and how to apply them in your garment. Linda also shares how to create her favorite seam finish: the Hong Kong finish.


Lesson 5. Interlinings

  • When you want extra loft and coziness for a garment such as a jacket, you have a variety of materials to choose from. Linda will teach you how to warm up your wardrobe.


Lesson 6. The Function of Facings

  • Linda demonstrates four ways to finish the edge of your facings for a clean, smooth look, then how to attach and understitch.


Lesson 7. Linings

  • Even if your jacket, skirt or pants pattern didn't come with a lining, there's no reason you can't draft one yourself! Linda will show you how.


Lesson 8. Making Lined Garments

  • See how to turn a shirt pattern into a lined jacket. Linda shares her techniques for installing or "bagging" the lining and finishing the garment with professional tailoring touches. Gain the confidence and knowledge to try it yourself!

"Wow - this is all one could EVER want to know about linings! Even questions I never thought to ask were answered. Well instructed, VERY thorough, well executed class. Truly a tremendous amount of information. ... Loved that several different methods (with samples) for achieving a lining or facing were shown. I feel like I can now choose the most appropriate one versus only knowing one method and being stuck with that. Many thanks!"
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