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The Art & Science of Perspective

with Jeff DiCicco
The Art & Science of Perspective
Transform your work from flat to fully dimensional with essential perspective techniques!

Explore the principles of perspective guided by artist and architectural illustrator Jeff DiCicco, and learn to draw depictions of depth so convincing, you feel as though you could step inside. Delve into the process of establishing a vanishing point and a horizon line by using a ruler to draw precise orthogonal and transversal lines. Then sketch a recessional grid system that arranges three-dimensional shapes and architecture in illusionistic space. Create precise, realistic interior and exterior floor plans from one-point perspective, and learn Jeff’s expert tips for alignment and accuracy. Then, discover two-point perspective with a cityscape exercise and rendering of a private residence. Learn the powerful system of perspective, and gain the tools to portray life as seen by the human eye! 

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Lesson 1. Introduction to Perspective

  • Meet your instructor, artist and architectural illustrator Jeff DiCicco, and gain an overview of how perspective creates the illusion of depth and dimension in fine art. Next, dive into an exercise that will acquaint you with measuring rules and drawing techniques that you’ll use throughout the class.


Lesson 2. One-Point Perspective

  • Learn to apply the principles of one-point perspective by measuring and drawing a recessional grid system that allows you to draw geometric shapes in 3-D and situate them in illusionistic space.


Lesson 3. One-Point Interior

  • Learn to translate an interior floor plan into an illusionistic room by establishing a vantage point, implying a cone of vision, and taking accurate measurements for walls, doors and windows.


Lesson 4. One-Point Exterior

  • Analyze an exterior rendering to discover its underlying perspectival system and learn to apply these rules and techniques to build an aesthetically beautiful exterior drawing.


Lesson 5. Two-Point Perspective

  • Take your skills to the next level as DiCicco walks you through the basic application of two-point perspective. You'll create symmetrical and asymmetrical grids and learn to place geometric objects at varying vantage points to offer different views.


Lesson 6. Two-Point Structure

  • Use two-point perspective to draw a private residence from the floor plan up. Starting with reference images, you'll plot the main structure using vanishing points and angles that you'll use to create a vertical depiction.


Lesson 7. Two-Point Exterior Features

  • Picking up where you left off in Lesson 6, you'll add in windows, steps and finer details such as shingles as you complete the exterior features of the house.


Lesson 8. Front Yard Details

  • Now that the exterior of the residence has been established, DiCicco walks you through ways to add a driveway, walkway, retaining wall and landscaping, incorporating challenging angles and perspective issues that will utilize the new skills you've learned through class.

"I must say you have definitely inspired me. You answered all of my questions that popped up in my head while watching. I found your class was to the point and very thorough. Hope you plan to do another. I plan on using your info in an art quilt."
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