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Small Cakes, Big Business

with Chrissie Boon
Small Cakes, Big Business
Grow your cake business! Acquire new customers by offering an affordable collection of original cake designs you can create on-demand.
Delight customers with a line of amazing cake designs you can create efficiently, consistently and for much less than the cost of a custom cake. With expert cake decorator Chrissie Boon, you’ll learn tips for pricing your cakes, and making decorations ahead of time to cut down complexity. Then, discover Chrissie’s time- and cost-saving processes as she guides you through four dazzling cake projects from start to finish. You’ll see how to create Chrissie’s basketball-themed cake with a scoreboard, princess cake with beautiful cake bling, drippy icing cake decorated with fun fondant candles and gift box cake you could mistake for the real thing. Plus, take a tour of Chrissie’s Web site to see how she markets and displays her cakes!
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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Balancing Your Customers & Costs

  • Meet Chrissie and learn her strategy for balancing customization, customers and costs.


Lesson 2. Basketball Cake

  • Learn Chrissie’s techniques for making a sporty basketball cake and how to create cake boards that look like hardwood.


Lesson 3. The Perfect Princess Cake

  • Chrissie shows you how to form, paint and store gum paste tiaras to top a beautiful, quilted princess cake.


Lesson 4. Drippy Icing Cake

  • Learn to make candles, cherries and other decorations ahead of time and see how quickly Chrissie’s Drippy Icing Cake comes together.


Lesson 5. Present Cake Details

  • Form tissue paper out of fondant and make a fashionable textured bow in preparation for the Present Cake.


Lesson 6. Putting the Present Cake Together

  • Wrap a square cake like a present and then add the fondant-covered top and maybe even a little jewelry!


Lesson 7. Marketing Considerations

  • Chrissie shares invaluable tips and advice for decorators looking to market and sell their own line of custom cakes.

"This class was fantastic! I love that it is a business class mixed with a design class! As someone who works a full time job and runs a cake biz as well, the tips on pre-production and the concept of a line of simpler, "what you see is what you get" cakes are invaluable. It is a way I think will help me grow my business so I can start to scale back on my day job eventually. Chrissie is a great instructor. She comes across as knowledgeable and presents clearly. She was easy to follow and I would buy any class she teaches!"
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Montreal, QC Canada

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