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Simple Sweaters: Stranded & Steeked

with Amy Detjen
Simple Sweaters: Stranded & Steeked
Simplify stranded colorwork to knit striking sweaters you'll wear with glee! Find out how fun and friendly stranded colorwork sweaters are when Amy Detjen is your guide.

Alongside beloved knitting instructor Amy Detjen, stranded colorwork will work for you! During Amy's class, you'll get comfortable knitting a colorwork hat before you succeed at knitting an approachable stranded colorwork cardigan or pullover pattern. Along the way, you'll receive Amy's expert tips for tangle-free two-handed knitting and keeping your tension even. Find out how to trap your floats so the back of your work stays neat and tidy, and learn to add in new colors and weave in ends as you go. Then, Amy will walk you through knitting your sleeves, and if you so choose, shaping a V-neck, and steeking your V-neck and armholes with confidence. You'll attach your sleeves, finish your edges beautifully and weave in ends, and your dazzling colorwork sweater is done! 

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your Instructor, Amy Detjen, and learn more about the skills she'll be teaching you, as well as the beautiful sweaters you'll be able to make.


Lesson 2. Before You Cast On

  • Before you knit your sweater, you'll want to choose a pattern size and style: child or adult, pullover or cardigan. Amy discusses swatching for color and gauge and shares a measurement worksheet you can use for adjustments.


Lesson 3. Casting On

  • If casting on and joining to work in the round make you crazy, Amy's got you covered! She'll show you how to get it right the first time, without twisting your work.


Lesson 4. Colorwork With Both Hands

  • All hands on deck! Whether you usually carry your yarn with your right hand or your left, Amy will soon have you carrying yarn in both to wrangle two colors at once. You also learn about float tension and yarn dominance.


Lesson 5. Trapping the Yarns

  • What better way to practice stranded colorwork than with a simple hat? Using her included pattern as an example, Amy shows you how to trap the traveling yarn to prevent snags, how to read the pattern chart and how to finish the hat in pattern with a centered double decrease.


Lesson 6. Knitting the Sweater

  • Are you ready to embark on your sweater adventure? Pick your style and get started with Amy's tips. You learn how to knit the steeks, choose a hem, plan for pattern symmetry and get the sleeves just right.


Lesson 7. Cutting Steeks

  • Taking scissors to your knitting can be scary, but Amy helps you take a deep breath and do it! Using steeks lets you knit the body of your sweater entirely in the round and gives you a tidy edge to work with, whether it's an armhole, V-neck or cardigan front.


Lesson 8. Assembly

  • Get those shoulders put together with a three-needle bind-off, then sew on or knit on the sleeves. Amy walks you through both methods step by step.


Lesson 9. Finishing

  • Your sweater is almost done! Add I-cord trim, buttonholes, attach a hem if desired and weave in your ends. Once your sweater is blocked, get ready to hear oohs and ahs from all who see it.

Praise for Amy Detjen's Custom Yoke Sweater:

"Custom Yoke Sweater with Amy Detjen is a top-of-the-line knitting class on Craftsy. This class is just like you invited Amy over for brunch & she decided to teach you to knit a sweater. Her manner & delivery are wonderful. I felt like she was talking to me (not at me) through the entire class. She has taken a technique/pattern that intimidates many people and made it seem so simple. When you finish the class you will be amazed that you ever doubted yourself.

The class is suitable for nearly every level of knitter. If you are fairly inexperienced, she explains things in a very down to earth, easily understandable manner. If you are a more experienced knitter, the class is worth the price just for all the tips, tricks & techniques you will pick up."
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Chrisman, Illinois

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