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Shooting Intimate Landscapes

with Rob Sheppard
Shooting Intimate Landscapes
Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! See beauty on a small scale and find intimate landscapes anywhere with photographer Rob Sheppard.

Learn to focus on the world immediately around you with lessons on light, composition, lens type and focal lengths. Follow Rob in the field as he explains how to “find the picture” – and when to say no. You’ll see how he sets up a shot, his favorite equipment and the best camera settings to choose from. Then visit the photo studio to analyze what works and what doesn't. With Rob's tips for shooting on a smaller scale, you'll discover engaging scenes and find terrific shots literally at your feet, whether you're in a local park or traveling the globe.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. The Elements of a Good Photograph

  • What makes a good photo? Learn how Rob defines an intimate landscape and makes creative choices to “find the picture.”


Lesson 2. Finding Subject Matter

  • See what’s in Rob’s gear bag, including mirrorless DSLM cameras and a quality tripod. Evaluate potential subjects and learn to say no when the shot’s not right.


Lesson 3. Composition

  • Good composition lets your photo speak to the viewer. You’ll learn to “get out of the middle,” add dimension and movement, and ignore the Rule of Thirds.


Lesson 4. Seeing Light

  • Evaluate and adjust the natural light elements in your photo. Rob shows you how to use front and back lighting to compose, and get the most from your LCD.


Lesson 5. Exposure & White Balance

  • Improve your control of exposure and white balance. You’ll understand what your histograms are telling you and how to handle challenges like moving water.


Lesson 6. Depth of Field

  • Go beyond the f-stop to change the feel of your photos. Rob shows you how to adjust depth of field through lens choice, angle and distance.


Lesson 7. Using Wide-Angle Lenses

  • Explore the possibilities of wide and super-wide (fisheye) lenses. Rob demonstrates when moving beats zooming to change a shot.


Lesson 8. Using Telephoto Lenses

  • Unleash the power of telephoto and zoom lenses to compose better photographs. Small changes in position, focal length and aperture make a big difference.

This online class was excellent. So much valuable information was covered... I can't wait to apply everything I've learned. The advantage of this Craftsy course is that you can go back to the video when needed for additional review.
avatar - Sally
Cold Spring, KY

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