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Finishing Techniques

with Lynda Maynard

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Expand your repertoire of fashionable and functional techniques for binding, banding and hemming. Couture sewing expert Lynda Maynard will show you how! Read More…

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Class Description

Gain confidence and skills in finishing necklines, armholes, hems and more! Lynda Maynard will give you an array of professional finishing options for all your garment-sewing projects, from T-shirts to formal gowns. You'll learn to work with silky and sheer fabrics and be able to reinforce, bind or hem lightweight fabrics without adding bulk or using facings. Whether you're sewing with knits or wovens, Lynda will show you how to finish garments with a polished and professional look.

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Sewing on the Edge: Finishing Techniques
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Getting Started

  • Meet your instructor, Lynda Maynard, and get started with making bias bindings, both single- and double-fold. Lynda shows how to get excellent results on a variety of fabrics without using gadgets.


Lesson 2. Double Fold Bindings

  • Lynda explains how bindings can enhance your garments, then shows how to add a double-fold binding to a neckline. Working with sheer fabric? Lynda will coach you through the process, and demonstrate how to add piping to your bindings as well!


Lesson 3. Single Fold Bindings

  • Single-fold bindings have a variety of applications. Lynda will walk you through the basics, demonstrate binding on sheer and knit fabrics and show how to finish your binding.


Lesson 4. Banded V-Necks

  • If you've shied away from V-neck projects because you're daunted by the binding, this is the lesson for you! Lynda's patient, clear instruction will have you finishing your V-necks like a pro. You can take the same techniques and create bateau necklines, too!


Lesson 5. Banded Curved Edges

  • Curved bindings on necklines and armholes add a clean finish and help reinforce your garment. Lynda shows how to prepare the area to be bound, add the binding and clip the curves.


Lesson 6. Welt Edging & Flange Closure

  • Welt edgings can provide embellishment and reinforcement to your garment without adding stiffness. Lynda shows how to make a bias-strip tube and attach it to form the edging. Use a similar technique to provide a sturdy button band for delicate garments.


Lesson 7. Hem Finishes

  • From wide hem bands and faced hems to couture touches such as horsehair braid hems and organza bubble hems, Lynda shows you how to do it all!


Lesson 8. Decorative Finishes

  • Gussy up your seams with some creative finishing techniques. A ribbon-peek seam can add a pop of color along a finished seam, while a Hong Kong finish can look stunning when placed on the exterior of your garment.

"Thank you so much for this excellent class. I have Ms. Maynard's book and now I know my confidence and skill level will increase from watching this class. I've only completed the first segment and had no idea how important it is to slightly stretch the bias strips. Now I know! I'm old enough to appreciate the substantial opportunities now available to us because of advanced technology. The ability to access information 24 hours a day for one totally reasonable price is wonderful and appreciated. Thank you to Ms. Maynard and Craftsy."
- cindygsew1345492

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Student Projects

Bateau Neckline by Lynda Maynard
  • Photo of Lynda Maynard
  • by Lynda Maynard
  • Bateau Neckline
Petersham Peek Seam by Lynda Maynard
  • Photo of Lynda Maynard
  • by Lynda Maynard
  • Petersham Peek Seam
dog fleece vest by Paola Capocasa
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  • by Paola Capocasa
  • dog fleece vest
Curved Neck & Armhole Bands by Lynda Maynard
  • Photo of Lynda Maynard
  • by Lynda Maynard
  • Curved Neck & Armhole Bands

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