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Secrets of Gluten-Free Baking

with Richard Coppedge Jr.
Secrets of Gluten-Free Baking
Learn how to make baked goods that are so delicious no one will believe they池e gluten-free! Create satisfying cookies, pie crusts, quick breads and more.

Join Certified Master Baker Richard Coppedge Jr., as he shares years of research and expertise in baking mouthwatering gluten-free treats. Get started by learning how to mimic the texture and taste of your favorite gluten-filled goodies. Then, create custom flour mixes, one for tender doughs that won’t crumble and one for stronger doughs with the structure you need. You’ll even find out how to modify commercial gluten-free flour blends for your own unique uses. Moving on, whip up the ultimate Saturday morning pancakes, and ensure that your cookie jar is always well-stocked with jam-filled spritz, Mexican wedding and shortbread cookies! Favorite quick breads like blueberry muffins, biscuits and Irish soda bread will no longer be out of reach after learning Richard's secrets for mixing and baking. Plus, create the perfect pie crust filled with luscious chocolate cream. Finally, master the holy grail of gluten-free baking — light, yeast-raised bread!  

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Lesson 1. Gluten Basics

  • Meet your instructor, Culinary Institute of America professor Richard Coppedge Jr., and learn more about the properties of gluten and how it affects the baked goods that you'll be replicating in gluten-free form. Throughout the lessons, Richard will also note where you should be using dedicated equipment to avoid any cross-contamination.


Lesson 2. Custom Flour Blends

  • The key to successful gluten-free baking is in the custom flour mixes you'll make with Richard's guidance. His "strong" blend will give your baked goods more structure, while the softer blend will create a lighter crumb and tender dough. In the following lessons you'll use these blends alone and in combination to get the results you desire. Richard also discusses how to modify commercial gluten-free flour blends to suit your needs.


Lesson 3. Pancakes

  • An easy place to start your gluten-free adventure is with crowd-pleasing pancakes. Richard shows how to mix up the batter, prepare your griddle and cook your pancakes to perfection. You'll also see with Richard's syrup test how commercial gluten-free batters measure up against pancakes made from scratch.


Lesson 4. Cookies

  • Yes, you can make gluten-free cookies that will delight even cookie connoisseurs. Because your cookies contain no gluten, you'll never have to worry about overmixing and making them tough. Richard starts with a jam-filled spritz cookie, prepares a bite-sized Mexican wedding cooking and shares a recipe for addictive shortbread crescents.


Lesson 5. Quick Breads

  • Blueberry muffins, biscuits and Irish soda bread can be fluffy and delicate when made without gluten. Richard explains how to combine flour blends to get just the right amount of structure and airy crumb, how to portion out your batter and how to check for doneness.


Lesson 6. Dreaded Doughs: Pies

  • Don't dread the thought of making gluten-free pie crust! Gain from Richard's years of research and learn how to mix, roll out and shape the perfect pie shell. Blind bake the shell for a delectable chocolate cream pie, or fill it with fruit and top it with a layer of crust or crumbles for a dessert you'll love.


Lesson 7. Yeast-Raised Breads

  • A tasty and light yeast-raised bread is the holy grail of gluten-free baking, and now it's within your reach! Learn Richard's secrets for working with yeast and starting a preferment to get a lofty dough. Then, see how to mix, proof and shape your dough for baking. Create breadsticks, dinner rolls and sandwich bread you'll be proud to serve and love to eat!

"I've been buying gluten free products for my husband because I've been intimidated by all of the "strange ingredients" and techniques - but not anymore! I'm going to the store tonight to get everything. I can't wait to start!! I really liked this class. Chief Richard gave lots of tips and took the intimidation out of baking gluten-free. It was so great to learn how to make pie dough because I have not made one pie since my husband had to go gluten free. Now I'm ready to tackle pies, breads and so much more."
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