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Save Our Stitches: Fixing Knitting Mistakes

with Ann Budd
Save Our Stitches: Fixing Knitting Mistakes
Become a more confident, capable knitter as you learn to recognize and remedy any knitting mistake you make.

Mistakes are a part of knitting, but you can learn how to fix them with knitwear designer and author Ann Budd. Discover what your stitches should look like so you can catch issues early. Get an overview of counting rows and reading charts to minimize the number of problems you might run into. Read your knitting to easily find your place after you've put your knitting aside. Fix mistakes in stockinette stitch, textured stitches, lace and cable patterns, whether the stitches are still on your needles or even if you've bound off. Rip out rows safely and securely when necessary and ensure that all of your stitches get back on the needles properly. Take the mystique out of mistakes to finish flawless projects.

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Lesson 1. Introduction & Identifying Stitches

  • Meet your instructor, Ann Budd, author of more than a dozen popular knitting books and former senior editor of Interweave Knits magazine. Learn how to identify different kinds of stitches in your knitting, read a chart and understand the importance of correct stitch mount.


Lesson 2. Counting Rows

  • If you ever lose count of your rows, Ann can get you back on track. Using a practice swatch, learn how to count rows in garter stitch, ribbing, cables and more.


Lesson 3. Finding Your Place

  • Whether you put your knitting down for an hour, a week or a year, you'll be able to find your place in the pattern again if you can "read" your stitches. Ann shows you how!


Lesson 4. Mistakes in Basic Stitches

  • You'll cringe as you watch Ann deliberately drop stitches. You'll breathe a sigh of relief when they're safely back on the needles. And in-between, you'll learn how to fix all those dreaded mistakes that every knitter makes, in garter, stockinette, ribbing and cables.


Lesson 5. Edge Stitches

  • Dropped selvage stitches might seem like a disaster, but once you see how easily Ann picks them up again, you'll know you can, too!


Lesson 6. Laddering Down in Lace

  • Made a mistake in your lace? If it's just a few rows back, you might not have to rip out any rows. Ann demonstrates how to find the stitches you need to repair, drop down to them, make your fix, then work your way back up in pattern.


Lesson 7. Ripping Out

  • Yes, sometimes you do have to rip back. Maybe that mistake is several inches back, or you knit the wrong pattern row, or you made multiple mistakes. Ann shows you how to put in a lifeline that "saves" all your good knitting and lets you rip back without going too far. If you don't have a lifeline, all is not lost; see how to pick up live stitches and how to "tink" (or knit backwards) to get your work back on the needle.


Lesson 8. Fixes After Bind-Off & Avoiding Mistakes

  • You've finally bound off and seamed that beautiful sweater. The first day you wear it, you snag it on a nail and rip a hole in it. Don't cry! Ann will show you how to fix not only the hole, but also the mistake you made in the stitch texture and even that wrongly twisted cable. Your careful surgery won't even leave a scar.

"Ann is very logical and thorough in her presentation and I have already picked up a useful tip about selvedge edgings. I knew that traditionally a lot of knitters would slip a stitch at the beginning of a row but I didn't know why, I thought it was just their preference. Now I know why! (...)I love the way Craftsy teachers teach us how to read our knitting, not something I was aware of BC (Before Craftsy). My knitting and my understanding has improved heaps as a result of this in the last year or so. Ann is a good communicator and has a warm personality which makes me feel like we are going to get along really well."
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New Plymouth, New Zealand

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