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Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills

with Gail Kessler
Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills
Learn quiltmaking basics in this free class, presented by Olfa. From tools and fabric to quilting and binding, find out how to create four easy quilts!

Whether you're renewing your love of quilting, or making a quilt for the first time, shop owner and instructor Gail Kessler is here to guide you to success. In Gail’s class, you’ll receive four accessible quilt patterns, and learn all the skills you need to bring them to life! You’ll go step-by-step through how to choose fabrics and a quilt design, cut and piece precisely, and press for crisp results. Add sashing and borders, sandwich and baste your quilt, then finish with a label to tell the world what you've created. Gail's enthusiasm and expertise make this class fun to watch and easy to follow.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Welcome to Your Free Mini-Class!

  • Learn how free Craftsy classes are different from paid ones, what "student-led participation" is, and the nifty features of all Craftsy classes.


Lesson 2. Introduction

  • Meet Gail Kessler, your guide to the wonderful world of quilting! She'll tell you a little about herself and give you an animated tour of the parts of a quilt.


Lesson 3. Getting Started

  • Before you begin, you'll need to choose a design and the fabrics to make it. Gail also shows you the essential supplies and tools you need for your quilting workspace.


Lesson 4. Preparing & Cutting Fabric

  • So many wonderful fabrics to choose from! You'll be able to navigate the fabric store, prepare your fabrics and cut safely and accurately, including fussy cutting.


Lesson 5. Laying Out the Design

  • Visualize how your quilt will look by creating a design wall in your workroom. Use this vertical surface to evaluate your block positioning before you sew.


Lesson 6. Sewing & Pressing

  • It's time for patchwork! You'll learn secrets for speedy and accurate piecing as you chain-piece blocks, press your seams correctly and assemble the rows.


Lesson 7. Sashing & Borders

  • If you choose to add sashing or borders to your design, this lesson will show you the hows and whys. Gail also demonstrates how to create borders from directional fabric.


Lesson 8. Layering & Basting

  • Now it's time to make a sandwich! Choose the right backing fabric and batting for the look you want in your completed quilt. Gail demonstrates both spray and pin basting.


Lesson 9. Tying & Machine Quilting

  • Tying is an easy and traditional way to secure your quilt layers. Gail also shows basic machine quilting setup, stitching in the ditch and simple designs for block centers.


Lesson 10. Hand Quilting

  • Try the traditional and beautiful art of hand quilting for a one-of-a-kind finish to your quilt. You'll learn the fundamentals of using a hoop and hand stitching.


Lesson 11. Binding & The Quilt Label

  • It's time for the big finish! Gail demonstrates an easy straight-cut binding. Then add a personalized label to let people know how proud you are of your quilt!

"I wish this class had been available six years ago when I started to quilt. I taught myself from books and a few local classes, trial and error, until I found Craftsy! I have purchased many Craftsy quilting classes, as well as other sewing classes, and have tried and perfected my quilting techniques. This class was very basic and the instructor slow and methodical which makes it perfect for someone totally new to quilting, and you can't beat the price---FREE!"
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