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Pickup Stick & Finger Control Techniques

with Stephanie Flynn Sokolov
Pickup Stick & Finger Control Techniques
Enliven your weaving with bold techniques and impressive texture! Watch one lesson or enjoy them all as you add more than 50 textures to your weaving repertoire.

Move beyond plain weave and explore patterns using finger-controlled techniques and a pickup stick. Join accessory designer and author Stephanie Flynn Sokolov as she shares tips and tricks for using these techniques to create subtle accents or elevate an entire project. Enjoy step-by-step instruction as Stephanie demonstrates how to weave Danish medallions and Spanish lace. Learn to create tapestry-like effects with picked-up loops, Ghiordes knots and weft floats. Then, experiment with weft and warp floats, both separately and collectively. Finally, discover how all of these weave patterns work together, and create fun decorative design touches you can incorporate into any project. Enjoy lifetime access to a weaving reference guide you’ll return to again and again!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, fiber artist Stephanie Flynn Sokolov, and learn more about how to use this class. Watch all the lessons at once, or choose just the techniques that interest you. Like a well-loved reference book, this class is made to be used again and again, whenever you need weaving inspiration.


Lesson 2. Danish Medallions

  • Learn to create traditional Danish medallions, and then see how to add beads, stack the motifs and make unique double medallions. You’ll also create crow’s feet and play with color options.


Lesson 3. Spanish Lace

  • Weave traditional Spanish lace, learn to stack offset rows of lace and see how using heavy wefts changes the look of the lace. You’ll also create cinched groups.


Lesson 4. Hemstitching

  • Hemstitching is a beautiful and secure way to begin and end a woven piece or create space within your weaving. You’ll learn simple stitches that blend into your work, as well as several decorative stitches that add dimension, color and texture.


Lesson 5. Picked-Up Loops

  • Picking up loops is a great method for adding texture, whether you leave the loops or cut them open to reveal a shag-carpet-like texture. Stephanie teaches you her tips and tricks for creating either an even or offset pile, as well as creating shapes and color fields.


Lesson 6. Ghiordes Knots

  • Ghiordes knots are used in the creation of traditional Turkish rugs. Stephanie shows you how to use them to create texture in your own work. Use them sparingly or all over to make a beautiful texture.


Lesson 7. Clasped Wefts

  • Clasped weft techniques add open, lacy space to your weaving. See how to create several versions and how to mix and match them to your desired effect.


Lesson 8. Weft Floats

  • Learn how to use the pickup stick to create weft floats. Learn how to make long floats, cut the floats to create butterflies and vary the float length to make your own unique designs.


Lesson 9. Warp & Weft

  • Use warp and weft floats together to create waffle weave and its variations.


Lesson 10. Brooks Bouquet

  • Learn how to make Brooks bouquet, as well as several design twists on this traditional weave pattern, such as using a super-fat weft for texture, and creating Brooks bouquet on an up shed.


Lesson 11. Leno

  • See how to use Leno alone and in stacked groups, as well as in several different ratios to create gorgeous openwork patterns in your weaving.


Lesson 12. Combining Techniques

  • See how the weave patterns you’ve learned in previous lessons stack up and work together (or not) when used in the same piece.

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