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Patternmaking + Design: Creative Darts & Seam Lines

with Suzy Furrer
Patternmaking + Design: Creative Darts & Seam Lines
Design desirable, original garments by manipulating darts and silhouettes. Create tops, dresses, jackets and more with inspired looks that ready-to-wear can't touch.

Learn fashion industry skills for drafting custom patterns and creating designer garments that are uniquely yours. Join Apparel Arts founder Suzy Furrer as she builds on her Patternmaking Basics classes and teaches you how to get creative with darts and seam lines. Master dart manipulation fundamentals before moving on to advanced manipulations with multiple darts, gathers or ruching, as well as the industry method of pivoting darts. Then, discover how to draft a world of striking silhouettes featuring princess seams, Empire waists, A-lines and more. Finally, enjoy plenty of design inspiration as Suzy displays how to combine these manipulations to create finished garments such as an A-line dress with a neck dart, a princess-line top with a peplum and a babydoll tunic with pleats.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Meet Suzy Furrer

  • Meet your instructor, Suzy Furrer, and learn more about using darts and seam lines as design elements in your garments.


Lesson 2. The Basics of Dart Manipulation

  • Dive right into dart manipulation as you merge multiple darts into one to create a center front dart, then do the same on the back of your pattern.


Lesson 3. Dart Variations

  • Put your darts right where you want them. Design an armhole dart to the apex, or back it off a little for a smoother bustline. A French dart can add fullness to the bust from below. For color blocking, consider an inset diamond. And why not try a Y-dart? Suzy shows you how!


Lesson 4. Gathers & Curves

  • Vertical gathers can add interest at the neckline or below the bust. Horizontal gathers can jazz up side panels. Learn Suzy's techniques, as well as how to make curved darts.


Lesson 5. Dart Wrap-Up

  • Suzy demonstrates how to draft a cowl and facing that incorporate the fabric ordinarily found in your darts, and how to draft darts in a garment without a waist seam.


Lesson 6. Princess Line to the Armhole

  • A princess seam can incorporate your upper and lower darts for an elegant line. Learn how to draft a princess seam to the armhole, both front and back.


Lesson 7. Princess Line Variations

  • Why limit yourself to one princess seam? The more seams you have, the better the fit. Suzy shows you how to add a second princess seam as well as side panels for visual interest.


Lesson 8. Empire & Babydoll Lines

  • A high-waisted garment may be just the style you're looking for. Try drafting an Empire waist or babydoll line with Suzy's guidance.


Lesson 9. A-Line, Swing & Double-Breasted Lines

  • Even more options await! You can draft an A-line, swing-line or double-breasted blouse, tunic or dress.


Lesson 10. Designing Garments For Production

  • Whether you're drafting garments for a production line or your own use, you'll appreciate Suzy's tips for creating a clean, well-marked final pattern. She shows you a variety of garment styles and what they look like on paper, giving you inspiration to get designing yourself!

"This is a dream of a class. Fantastic explanations, great clear descriptions and step-by-step instructions. So incredibly inspiring, and letting me feel that I at the end of it all have the tools to create absolutely what I want! I started sewing a year ago, and have taken a couple of draft-classes to get the general sloper in, and then tried to learn techniques by reading books, and learning off the net. This class is just the excellent answer to all my questions. Thanks a lot, Suzy!"
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