Oil Painting: Sand, Sea & Sky

with Edward Minoff

Photo of Edward Minoff

Learn the oil painting techniques you need to develop dramatic seascapes that rival the depth and realism of your favorite beach photographs! Read More…

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to live near an ocean to get the most from this class?

    No, and it’s not even required that you visit a beach to paint a seascape in person (although we won’t stop you if you want to!) Instructor Edward Minoff's plein-air methods are easily translatable to bodies of water ranging from puddles to lakes, or any landscape or other nature scene of your choosing. Artists of varying levels will love his tips on working outdoors, working with rapidly changing subjects and carrying minimal tools into nature to create complex, classically inspired works.

  • When does the class start?

    Whenever you're ready! The lessons are available online any time, and your access to the class never expires.

  • How long is this class available to me?

    As long as you need! Your access never expires, so you can come back again and again.

  • What if I have questions?

    Ask your questions on the platform and you'll receive instructor feedback. Your fellow students are also likely to jump in and offer advice from their experiences.


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