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Low & Slow BBQ at Home

with Ray Lampe
Low & Slow BBQ at Home
Master the craft of real American barbecue in your backyard! Get the secrets to savory meat, flavorful rubs and succulent sauces from Dr. BBQ, Ray Lampe.

Learn to season your meat and cook lip-smacking barbecue — all with recipes and techniques that cookbook author and barbecue expert Ray Lampe created especially for the home cook. Find out what equipment you need to get the flavors you want. Make several of the doctor’s signature rubs and sauces, from hot and spicy rubs to North Carolina vinegar sauce, and learn which flavors suit which cuts and meats best. Then, expertly cook the ultimate low and slow pork shoulder, a melt-in-your-mouth beef brisket — in both the Texas and Kansas City styles — and, of course, ribs! Round out your new skill set with tips for slow-smoked poultry such as Creole-butter turkey and brined, barbecued chicken. Plus, learn which wood brings out the best flavors from each of the meats you’ll smoke in this class!

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Lesson 1. Firing Up the Barbecue

  • Meet your instructor, barbecue guru Ray Lampe, and learn about the variety of backyard grills and smokers you can use to make delectable slow-cooked barbecue, from a simple kettle grill to ceramic smokers, pellet cookers and more. Ray discusses the fuels you can use and how to get fired up for barbecue success.


Lesson 2. Seasoning the Meat

  • Every season is barbecue season when you have the right seasoning on hand. Learn about the flavors different woods can impart, then mix up a traditional dry rub of salt, sugar, mild chili powder and other spices. If you prefer your barbecue to have some kick, or if you like it on the sweeter side, Ray shares ways you can tweak ingredients and proportions to make the mix uniquely yours.


Lesson 3. Making Sauce

  • For some enthusiasts, barbecue is all about the sauce. Discover how easy it is to make your own, from a traditional tomato-based sauce to the piquant North Carolina vinegar sauce. The recipes are included!


Lesson 4. Pulled Pork

  • Now it's time to get to the meat of the matter with a barbecue favorite: pulled pork. Ray covers cuts of meat and regional differences in seasoning and serving. See how to trim the pork, apply a dry rub and position it in your grill or smoker, and learn Ray's clever trick for manhandling a heavy cut of meat without burning your hands. He'll show you how to check for doneness and get that pork pulled, chopped or sauced for your hungry family or guests.


Lesson 5. Brisket

  • Kansas City barbecue fans will tell you it's all about the brisket. Now you can tell them a thing or two about making your own, both Texas style and Kansas City style. Learn how to choose, trim and season this sizable cut of beef, then smoke it to perfection. You'll even see how to prepare that Kansas City favorite, burnt ends (no, they're not really burned!).


Lesson 6. Ribs

  • Ribs! Make this summer barbecue staple to feed a happy crowd. Ray shows how to trim both baby back ribs and spare ribs, including the refined St. Louis cut. Season, smoke and serve them, with or without sauce. You'll be licking your fingers no matter what.


Lesson 7. BBQ Chicken & Turkey

  • For poultry, hotter and faster is better than low and slow, but the same principles apply. Follow Ray's advice for safely handling chicken and turkey as you prepare the birds. Ray marinates chicken halves and parts two different ways, and injects the turkey with a Creole butter. Once your poultry's roasted, you're ready for a summer party, Sunday supper or truly memorable Thanksgiving.

"This is a fun and informative class. (Ray) makes it simple and discusses options for equipment. Using his methods, recipes and informative tips will help you master authentic BBQ. I followed his methods and recipes exactly to make ribs for 40 people. Comments ranged from "best I have ever eaten" to "haven't had ribs this good since I have been in this little place in the South." However, the comment I heard the most was: "More, please"!"
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