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Ins & Outs of Grafting

with Anne Hanson
Ins & Outs of Grafting
Lifelong knitter Anne Hanson shows you how to invisibly join stitches to create seamless motifs and mirroring effects in this free mini-class.

You’ll learn grafting techniques to unite stockinette, seed and garter stitches, making your fabric flow. Anne demonstrates how to graft (Kitchener stitch) an invisible join with lace-weight knits, and across cables and ribbing. Knit along with Anne as she teaches you "the song of the knitting graft," which will help you remember when to knit and when to purl. In no time you’ll be tucking toe ends together, attaching edgings and aligning infinity scarf ends! 

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Welcome to Your FREE Mini-Class!

  • Welcome to your free Craftsy mini-class.


Lesson 2. An Introduction to Grafting

  • Meet your instructor, Anne, and learn what grafting is and how it works!


Lesson 3. The Song of the Knitting Graft

  • Learn the song of the knitting graft with Anne's detailed instruction. You'll prepare to graft, graft knitted pieces and explore uneven joins with her help.


Lesson 4. Grafting Textured Fabrics

  • Learn how to graft textured fabrics with Anne's step-by-step instruction. Graft garter stitches and seed stitches!


Lesson 5. Matching Motifs with Grafting

  • Get Anne's expert advice on matching motifs with grafting.

"This was a very good mini-class. It covered all the types of patterns that I can think of where grafting would be required. The instructor was very well prepared, spoke succinctly and slowly, and the completed examples were lovely, inspirational in fact. The photography of the knitting demonstrations were excellent."
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