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Make your knitting more efficient, comfortable and beautiful as you master six valuable methods and styles. Read More…

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Class Description

Use the right knitting tool for the right knitting project! Take a trip through the wonderful world of knitting methods and styles alongside certified knitting instructor Patty Lyons. Find out how mastering different knitting styles — Continental, English and Portuguese (also known as Peruvian or Andean knitting) — can help you avoid strain so you can create your best work more easily! Patty will also cover a variety of knitting methods: Eastern, Western and combination. Each style and method has its own unique strengths, and you'll learn to mix and match them for evenly-tensioned projects, improved cables and ribs and more. You'll even discover how to knit and purl backwards, so you never have to look at the wrong side of your work!

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Improve Your Knitting: Alternative Methods & Styles
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Alternative Methods & Styles

  • Get started by learning about yarn tension, stitch sizing and how to move the stitches.


Lesson 2. Introduction to English Knitting (Throwing)

  • Explore reasons to throw as Patty demonstrates four approaches to yarn tension.


Lesson 3. Introduction to Continental Knitting (Picking)

  • Explore reasons to pick before learning how to set up the needles for knitting and purling Continental style. You'll also learn the Norwegian purl, and Patty demonstrates alternating between knits and purls.


Lesson 4. Eastern & Combination Knitting

  • Learn the pros and cons of these knitting styles, and watch Patty demonstrate knit-side and purl-side decreases.


Lesson 5. Portuguese Knitting

  • Learn all the aspects of this unique style with Patty's detailed instruction and explanations.


Lesson 6. Knitting & Purling Backwards

  • Knitting and purling backwards is easier than it sounds. Patty offers you detailed explanations and up-close examples of how to purl backwards, knit backwards and apply this method to short rows.


Lesson 7. Combining Styles & Methods

  • Bring all your skills and styles together to find the best combination for each of your knitting projects.


Lesson 8. Bonus Lesson: Alternative Cast-Ons

  • Learn alternative cast-ons, including long-tail, Eastern, Western and combination styles.

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Student Projects

Spring Shrug by Miss Cara
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  • Spring Shrug
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  • Combination Styles
Knitter's Magazine: Shirttails by Patty Lyons
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  • by Patty Lyons
  • Knitter's Magazine: Shirttails
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  • backward knit and purl

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