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Get Your Fiesta On

Mexican-Inspired Feast

with Mary Sue Milliken
Get Your Fiesta On
Make any night festive with a fast and flavorful Mexican feast! Learn new techniques and bold recipes that bring south of the border flavors straight to your dinner table.

Add favorite Mexican dishes to your weeknight cooking repertoire! Latin-cuisine chef and cookbook author Mary Sue Milliken will provide you with the professional tricks and mouthwatering recipes you need to make delicious salsas, tortillas, pork chile verde and more! Experiment with new ingredients and confidently work with chilies that are guaranteed to take any dish up a notch. Complete your sumptuous feast with a refreshing mezcal cocktail, perfect for parties or a relaxing night in. By the end of this class, you’ll have the skills you need to successfully prepare an array of dishes for fun fiestas your family will talk about for weeks.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. All About Mexican Ingredients

  • Meet your instructor, Mary Sue Milliken, and learn all about how vegetables and pork are used in Mexico. Then take a tour through the dishes you will be making as you discover true Mexican cooking.


Lesson 2. Tomato & Roasted Arbol Salsas

  • Make two classic cooked and puréed salsas, the savory and versatile tomato salsa and the spicy and smoky arbol salsa, as you learn to sauté onions and peppers, toast chilies and roast vegetables. Discover how to season these salsas and how their flavors change as they cool.


Lesson 3. Pork Chile Verde

  • Turn your notion of chili on its head as you “go green” mastering this classic dish. Toast spices, trim and sauté pork and discover how using a single cooking pot adds flavor and depth to your dishes. Learn Mary Sue’s fork test to know when your chili is done.


Lesson 4. Red Rice & Drunken Beans

  • Discover how roasting rice brings out nutty and rich flavors as you explore classic Mexican rice. Learn the importance of seasoning as you go to build depth and how to add the flavor of chilies without adding heat. Then, turn your attention to beans as you learn the secrets behind making creamy pinto beans. Mary Sue shares her trick for knowing when all of the beans are fully cooked and demonstrates her recipe for Drunken Beans, which are infused with the flavor of beer.


Lesson 5. Homemade Tortillas

  • Whether you prefer corn or flour, you will definitely prefer homemade tortillas after this lesson! Learn how simple and quick corn tortillas are as you make dough, use a press and toast your tortillas in a pan. Then, explore flour tortillas as you learn the technique for making smooth and silky dough. Roll our your flour tortillas by hand and toast them to delicious perfection, too.


Lesson 6. Mezcal Cocktails

  • Learn about tequila’s smoky cousin, as Mary Sue mixes up a Smoky Rose, the perfect blend of tart, smoky, sweet and salty! Discover the secret ingredient Mary Sue adds to make this signature drink a bit frothy, too!

"Fabulous that real salsa is created and served. Easy to adjust to taste. Fabulous class."
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