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Figure Anatomy for the Artist

with Roberto Osti
Figure Anatomy for the Artist
Conquer the complexities of figure drawing with the indispensable system of line, shape and form used by da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo!

Discover the simple but powerful formula artists have used for centuries to draw the human figure from the inside out. Guided by fine artist Roberto Osti, you’ll learn how to realistically replicate the underlying structure of the body using easy-to-understand scales and ratios. Conceptualize the front and side views of the skeleton with basic shapes, and add detail with simplified depictions of complex bones and joints. Bring your sketch to life as you draw a muscle map of the body with volumetric form and realistic dimension, and master the feet, hands and skull to create a strikingly realistic rendering of the human form.  

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Basic Volumes of the Body

  • Meet your instructor, professor and professional medical illustrator Roberto Osti. Then start the class by learning how to break down the complex body into simple shapes that you will use as the foundation for skeletal and muscular drawings.


Lesson 2. The Basic Skeleton

  • Dive into an in-depth lesson on drawing the anterior skeleton with Osti's thorough instruction. You'll study the skull, torso, arms, hips, legs and feet, learning the functions and proportions of each bone along the way.


Lesson 3. The Back of the Skeleton

  • Explore the posterior view of the human skeleton as Osti shares professional tips for capturing each area, including best practices for drawing challenging areas such as vertebrae.


Lesson 4. Anterior Muscles

  • Complete your skeletal drawings as you move into an exploration of the human muscular system, determining the relationships between bone and muscle groups as you go.


Lesson 5. Muscles of the Leg

  • Discover the muscles of the legs and subdivide specific areas for more accuracy. Working from the quads down to the ankles, you'll learn how each muscle group is connected.


Lesson 6. Muscles of the Back

  • In this thorough study of the back, Osti divides the subject vertically to illustrate various layers of muscles and show how to accurately capture the shape of the shoulders, sides and hips.


Lesson 7. Hands and Feet

  • Discover common mistakes when drawing tricky areas like fingers and toes, and learn how to make your drawings more accurate and anatomically correct with Osti's expert guidance.


Lesson 8. Muscles of the Face & Neck

  • Learn about muscles in the face and neck, including expert tips on how to seamlessly connect each area. Then explore ways to draw brow lines, noses, lips and chins to create striking profiles.

"This class gives great basics for the structure of the head, skeleton, and muscles of the body for art students. Roberto shows you how to layer the muscles, which, along with the beginning and ending insertion points for the muscle groups, gives you the basic form to the body. His instructions are clear and easy to follow. I would recommend that you layer the muscles with colored pastel like he does."
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San Antonio, TX

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