Feminine Fit: Bust Shaping Techniques

with Joan McGowan-Michael

Photo of Joan McGowan-Michael

Flatter your feminine side with sweaters that embrace your bust, hips and waist. Joan McGowan-Michael teaches you how to shape knitwear to fit. Read More…

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Class Rating

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rated 5 stars

Awesome Fits - Its Not All About the Bust/Waist/Hips

First hand experience taught me that just adjusting stitch counts to fit bust/waist/hips didn't always (or even usually) result in a great fitting garment. Things would still be off. Now I understand how to adjust my knitting to get a great fitting garment from the bust upwards. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The chapter segment lengths seemed just right, and I learned something new from each chapter. Having the drawings and the schematics as visual aides really helped me ...

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rated 4 stars

Some very useful information, but not necessarily for beginners

While I have to agree with other reviews that this is a relatively short class, I did get some very useful information out of it. But... I'm an experienced knitter (and sewer), so I have no problem assimilating the conceptual information presented and to apply them my future projects - such as the discussion on shoulder slopes, cross-front and cross-back measurements, short rows etc. However, I would not recommend this class for a beginning knitter who is looking for detailed step-by-step ...

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rated 4 stars


I would have liked some discussion about ease in this first segment. since different yarn weights and body types drive different decisions about how much ease to allow in a garment, or at least state that the template being used here is applying zero or negative ease? (just so folks dont anticipate a perfect fit without having taken this into consideration during their pattern adjustment calculations.

rated 3 stars


I was not very happy with this class and the material.

rated 1 stars

Very Very Disappointed

I had great hopes for this class and they were dashed. This is the first time I have had such a poor experience with a Craftsy class and I have many classes across a number of subjects. Just because someone has a lot of knowledge of a subject does not mean they make good teachers and this is especially true of this class. Whilst there is some description of ideas which is useful there is virtually no substance in how to achieve the end result. At times there are arbitrary numbers picked out of ...

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