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Feminine Fit: Bust Shaping Techniques

with Joan McGowan-Michael
Feminine Fit: Bust Shaping Techniques
Flatter your feminine side with sweaters that embrace your bust, hips and waist. Joan McGowan-Michael teaches you how to shape knitwear to fit.

Take proper measurements, choose the right size and make adjustments to any sweater pattern with Joan’s practical advice and easy-to-master techniques. Accentuating the positive is often just a matter of having the right skill set, including the ability to combine different pattern sizes, lengthen sweaters and adjust for curves in both the front and back of the body. This example-packed class will teach you bust shaping, neckline alterations, armhole placement and shoulder cap adjustments to achieve the perfect fit for any body type. 


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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Adjusting Necklines and Shoulders

  • Meet Joan and learn about adjusting shoulder fits.


Lesson 2. How to Fix a Gaping Sweater Front

  • Address the common problem of fixing a gaping sweater front. Learn how to measure and choose the right size for your body.


Lesson 3. Unifying Two Sweater Sizes - Top and Bottom

  • Learn the trick to unify two sizes to fit your body shape. Adjust your sweater for larger hips or a larger bust.


Lesson 4. Adding Short Rows

  • Short rows are your friend! Learn all about this knitting technique then learn how to apply it to your knitting for a perfect fit.


Lesson 5. Perfect Sweater Armholes

  • Don't let gaping armholes get you down. Observe our examples and learn how to measure to ensure that your knit fits.


Lesson 6. Biceps and Sleeve Caps

  • Fit your biceps by learning how to measure and chart them more easily. Also learn how to fit your sleeve caps.


Lesson 7. Shoulder Slopes

  • Adjust one of the most detrimental fit problems in sweaters: shoulder slope. Learn how to measure and chart your shoulder slope, then join the shoulders.


Lesson 8. Bonus Lesson: Setting In Sleeves

  • In this special bonus lesson, learn about sleeve placement and set-in sleeves.

"First hand experience taught me that just adjusting stitch counts to fit bust/waist/hips didn't always (or even usually) result in a great fitting garment. Things would still be off. Now I understand how to adjust my knitting to get a great fitting garment from the bust upwards. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
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