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Embroidering Texture & Dimension by Hand

with Sue Spargo
Embroidering Texture & Dimension by Hand
Get creative with textured stitches that complement embroidery, appliqué, and more!

Join embroidery expert Sue Spargo and layer, stitch and embellish your way to textural works of art! Select complementary fabric, ribbon and trim to create lovely, layered appliqués that serve as a base for your embroidery. Discover array of edging stitches for vibrant, velvety texture, and dive into decorative stitches and their intricate variations. Then, master dimensional wrapped stitches with Sue’s expert tips. Enhance your embroidery with “wow-factor” woven stitches and bring exquisite energy to your stitching with beautiful beading techniques. Practice these dazzling designs on Sue's exclusive butterfly sampler or add them to your own creative stitching!

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Lesson 1. Foundation Layers

  • Meet your instructor, acclaimed quilting artist Sue Spargo, whose colorful and energetic folk quilts will inspire you to embroider in a whole new way! Kick off the class with an exploration of fabric color and texture pairings before learning how to layer your appliqué shapes to create a wonderful base for your embroidered stitches.


Lesson 2. Smooth Edging Stitches

  • Familiarize yourself with a variety of needles and threads, including Sue’s insider tips on which ones will help you the most for specific stitch types. Then embark on the Pekinese and couching stitches, which are smooth outline edging stitches with dozens of variation possibilities. You’ll love the woven and velvety looks of these gorgeous options.


Lesson 3. Decorative Edging Stitches

  • Discover some of Sue’s favorite decorative edging stitches, including basic and more complicated variations of the fly stitch, crested chain and rosette chain. You’ll learn how to choose a direction, thread your needle and carefully stitch as you follow the outline of Sue’s butterfly designs.


Lesson 4. Dimensional Stitches

  • Explore coils, knots, cast-on stitches and more with Sue’s close-up instruction to help you along the way. You’ll love the versatility and softness of bullion knots and the chunky playfulness of the drizzle stitch. When you’re ready for additional challenges, cast on stitches that add dimension and knitted textures to your work.


Lesson 5. Woven Stitches

  • Transition from knitted textures to woven ones with the help of Sue’s methodical demonstrations. You’ll learn whipped woven circles, woven picot, a buttonhole filler stitch and a trellis stitch, which make lovely embellishments for the butterfly wings of your sampler (or any other design of your choosing).


Lesson 6. Beaded Stitches

  • You’ve tried your hand at knitting and weaving; now it’s time to add another layer of texture with beaded stitches! Sue shows you how to switch to a heavier thread to create successful beaded creations, including an elegant French knot, cheerful closed fly and threaded backstitches, a chunky take on the drizzle stitch and more.


Lesson 7. Finishing Touches

  • Complete the class with some of Sue’s finishing touches, including demonstrations of a wandering Palestrina knot, friendly bursts of pompom textures using Turkey work, and some surprising bindings that incorporate beads, buttons and more. You’ll finish the class with hundreds of new combinations to try and a darling sampler to practice on, with Sue’s expert advice to bolster your confidence as you go.

“Within minutes of taking Sue's class, I was totally hooked! She is absolutely 'talented and gifted' in so many ways. Also, she explains things very well, gives wonderful instructions and exudes confidence in such a way that you are very relaxed about going in any direction that she will take you. I have always wanted to embellish my quilts, making them my own original work (not just piece work that resemble other quilts) and Sue is showing me how to do just that! I love, love, love...”
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