Diamond Quilt Designs

with Jan Krentz

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Let the quilt be your canvas – create beautiful, mosaic quilts using instructor Jan Krentz’s diamond motif techniques. Read More…

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Class Description

Learn 45-degree diamond cutting techniques and fabric selection tips that you’ll use in composing and constructing diamond braids, chevron diamonds and painterly single diamond quilt tops. Create a design wall with a diamond grid to evaluate your fabric selection and perfect the flow and value transition of your quilt, or to admire your work. Enroll now in Diamond Quilt Designs and soon diamonds will be your new best friend. Bonus: Jan's e-book "Quick Diamond Quilts & Beyond" is included free!

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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Jan Krentz, who'll get you started on your diamond quilting adventure by showing you how to cut your fabric and evaluate possibilities on the design wall.


Lesson 2. Setup & Preparation

  • Get ready to make a pretty quilt. You'll learn a little about your machine, then create a template and get some pressing tips for best results.


Lesson 3. Diamond Braid Design

  • The simple diamond braid design is a classic, old-fashioned pattern that looks wonderful in today's modern fabrics.


Lesson 4. Diamond Braid Construction

  • Use your strip sets to construct diamond braid designs. You'll learn Jan's secrets for accounting for bias and avoiding distortion. Then we go to the design wall.


Lesson 5. Chevron Diamond Design

  • Align your diamonds in a different direction and create diamond chevrons. You'll love the graphic, dimensional feel of these patterns.


Lesson 6. Design Inspiration

  • Find ideas for your diamond quilts everywhere. We'll take a look at design inspirations and select the fabrics that will turn your inspiration into reality.


Lesson 7. Single Diamond Design

  • From simple to complex, diamonds can be used to create beautiful designs. Jan puts the single 45-degree diamond to work as a one-patch design.


Lesson 8. Single Diamond Layout

  • Jan shows you how to create single-diamond layouts, using templates and different cutting techniques.


Lesson 9. Single Diamond Assembly

  • Put it all together into a gorgeous single-diamond quilt. Your design wall is your best friend in the composition process.


Lesson 10. Bonus – Quilt Showcase

  • See many examples of what you'll be able to do with your new diamond quilting expertise!

"Thank you so much for a great class. I found it so helpful that Jan really went through the techniques for working with diamonds, rather than just showing how to follow the patterns. I feel like I learned so many useful tips to help make my work precise and reduce error!"
- MyFabricObsess

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