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Custom Fitting: Back, Neck, and Shoulders

with Kathleen Cheetham
Custom Fitting: Back, Neck, and Shoulders
Learn to adjust any garment to match the curves and lines of your torso with this custom fitting class!

A perfect fit is within your reach! Join instructor Kathleen Cheetham as she teaches you the techniques and tricks to fit any garment across the shoulders, neck and back. You'll learn how perfect shoulder fit improves the all-over look of a garment, how to take patterns in and let them out for a smooth fit across the back, and adjustments for asymmetrical bodies. Five pages of practice patterns and a measurement worksheet are included.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Meet Kathleen & Get Started

  • Meet Kathleen and get started on a journey to better fit. She discusses essential measurements and the importance of a test garment.


Lesson 2. Diagnosing Fit Problems

  • Learn how to diagnose all your fitting problems, from stretching seams to gapping waists.


Lesson 3. Preparing Your Pattern

  • Securing the facings, changing the length and choosing the correct size lines will save time and improve accuracy when you start making adjustments.


Lesson 4. Adjusting Standard Pattern Shoulders

  • Discover ways to adjust standard patterns for broad, narrow, square, sloped and asymmetrical shoulders.


Lesson 5. Adjusting Princess-Seamed Shoulders

  • Princess-seamed garments require a different set of shoulder adjustments to achieve the correct fit.


Lesson 6. Adjusting the Back

  • Simple adjustments can improve the fit across a rounded or asymmetrical back. Learn how to adjust your pattern to add shaping with pivots and darts.


Lesson 7. Swayback & Forward-Thrust Shoulders

  • Learn how to add shaping to fix a gapping neckline and accommodate the curves of swaybacks and forward-thrust shoulders.


Lesson 8. Fine-Tuning the Fit

  • Fine-tune your neckline, even in ready-to-wear! Kathleen shows you how to add a yoke to your design to accommodate the new darts in an attractive way.

"This is the best class I have taken on Craftsy! I have never been able to make or buy shirts to fit my shoulders. I now feel very confident about making the adjustments needed and I can't wait to get started. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed listening to her and she made everything so clear and easy to follow. Thanks Kathleen! I can't wait to take more of your classes."
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