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Creative Photography

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Creative Photography
Learn compositional methods and unique perspectives that will inspire you to see and shoot life in a whole new way!

World-renowned photographer and acclaimed creative director George Lange takes you on an eye-opening tour of his most inspiring tips and techniques. Follow along as George works with subjects of all ages in various environments and learn to harness available light and fresh perspectives for dynamic images. Transform everyday surroundings into compelling shots with props and unexpected angles and learn to compose a visual arc that powerfully conveys even the simplest story. Find out how to use little details to reveal tenderness and spontaneity and capture your subjects' character instead of just their smile. Learn how to use your camera to connect with the world, and take shots that capture love, laughter and everything in between!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Take the Best Photos of Your Life

  • Meet your instructor, world-renowned photographer George Lange, as he shares what inspires him, offers guidance on how to find your own inspiration and reveals the theme of this class: creatively capturing the moment.


Lesson 2. Events: Do the Unexpected

  • Birthday parties, reunions and other events are a collection of moments. George encourages you to look for the “in-between” shots that happen when you’re setting up for the “hero” photo. Learn how to use natural light to make everyone — especially the guest of honor — appear in their best light. Discover how shooting low will make your photos more engaging and why you should keep moving your eyes, feet and subjects.


Lesson 3. Create a Stage

  • Learn how creating a comfortable environment allows your subjects to relax and have fun, and why encouraging them to let loose — dancing on the bed or having a food fight while sitting on the kitchen counter — will create unforgettable moments. Learn to see and shoot the shots you wouldn’t ordinarily take.


Lesson 4. Be in the Moment

  • Learn how to memorialize the ordinary, find light in unexpected places and shoot from a variety of positions as you work through an idea. George shows you how to freeze the action in a way that communicates anticipation for what happens next.


Lesson 5. Beyond Good Enough

  • Don’t settle for “good enough,” says George, as he shares with you his process for taking awe-inspiring photos in this portfolio review of some of the photographer’s most famous — and most personal — work.


Lesson 6. Capture all of Life

  • Learn how to get to know your subjects quickly and discover how light plays off your their features. Then master telling the story of your subjects, even when they’re not in the photo.


Lesson 7. Social Sensitivity

  • Great photos are built upon the relationship and trust between photographer and subject. George offers tips on how to earn respect and create tasteful intimacy.

"George is creative, he is knowledgeable, fun and giving. He only uses a camera and a true passion, he shares with us how to use the settings of the camera and more of how to use our own creativity to photograph things and moments that matter. j'adore. That is my first review on Craftsy and he really is worth it."
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