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Cooking Perfect Steaks, Every Time

with Michael Mina
Cooking Perfect Steaks, Every Time
Learn professional techniques and essential recipes for cooking steaks your whole family will love.

Confidently cook a variety of succulent steak dishes. From mouthwatering tenderloin to juicy porterhouse, renowned chef Michael Mina will provide you with the tips and tricks you need for a perfectly cooked cut, every time. Master a simple but impressive steak tartare that’s superbly seasoned and begging to be served to awestruck guests. Create the classic French steak au poivre avec frites — or peppered steak with fries — to make any mealtime feel like a fine dining experience. You also will learn about meat cuts and grades and how to make the right selection for your dish. Proudly add skillfully cooked steaks to your repertoire! 

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Lesson 1. Cuts & Grades of Meat

  • Meet your instructor, Michelin-starred chef Michael Mina, and begin your steak education as you learn about the differences among meat grades, how beef gets its flavor and three of the most popular steak cuts: tenderloin, porterhouse and skirt steak.


Lesson 2. Cooking Tenderloin

  • Learn how to prepare your tenderloin for pan searing as well as Michaelís formula for calculating perfect cook and rest times. Observe how basting your steak with butter while still in the pan will not only keep it moist, but also continue cooking it on all sides. Finally, learn how to avoid the dreaded bullseye: A steak that is charred on the outside and raw in the middle.


Lesson 3. Tartare With Gaufrettes

  • Shift your focus to handling raw meat as Michael shows you the proper techniques for dicing, seasoning and serving tartare. Make thin and crispy gaufrettes, as you learn how to cut, presoak, fry and season these paper-thin potato chips.


Lesson 4. Porterhouse With Potato Salad

  • Make a feast for the hungriest of crowds as you temper and age a bone-in porterhouse. Learn the secret behind cooking this hefty cut as you start on the stove and finish in the oven. Michael demonstrates how to make a tangy warm potato salad with flavors bold enough to stand up to the porterhouse.


Lesson 5. Steak au Poivre With Frites

  • Join Michael as he deftly prepares the tricky skirt steak. Learn the proper techniques for cooking and slicing this often-overcooked cut. Michael also shows you how to make the classic French accompaniment to steak: frites. Youíll learn his secret to crispy french fries every time.

"Loved the class! I made the filet and it was delicious. I normally grill ribeye but now there is a stiff competition between the two. Thanks Craftsy."
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