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Classic & Creative Brioche Pastries

with Joanne Chang
Classic & Creative Brioche Pastries
Learn accessible techniques for working with French brioche dough and create an array of breakfast pastries that make every morning sweet — or savory!

Master one versatile dough and make eight mouthwatering pastries your loved ones will crave. Joanne Chang, renowned chef and owner of Flour Bakery, will begin her class by showing you how to create the classic brioche loaf. Then, discover her professional secrets for twice-baked brioche slathered in almond cream, craquelin packed with candied oranges, brioche au chocolat and more! Once you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth, whip up savory treats like cheesy brioche breakfast pizzas and ham and cheddar hot pockets. For the grand finale, find out how to create Joanne’s famous Sticky Sticky Buns — the very buns with which she beat chef Bobby Flay in Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay

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Lesson 1. Brioche Dough

  • Meet your instructor, pastry chef Joanne Chang, as she walks you through the process of making brioche dough. Mix along with Joanne as she offers numerous tips for working dough in a stand mixer and teaches you how to assess when it’s done. Then, learn to proof, shape and bake your dough into a traditional loaf.


Lesson 2. Basic Brioche Shapes

  • Next, turn your dough into a variety of shapes, from a simple roll to a traditional brioche à tête. Master the art of the brioche à tête as Joanne demonstrates forming the head and making sure it stays on in the oven! Then move onto brioche à sucre and finally learn Joanne’s own pull-apart brioche buns, no shaping necessary!


Lesson 3. Twice-Baked Brioche

  • Looking for that perfect make-ahead recipe for special guests? Learn how to transform day-old brioche into a decedent treat soaked in almond syrup and topped with frangipane — or almond cream — and slivered almonds and then baked to a golden brown. Not only can you make each component days ahead of time, but the entire dish can be made up to two days before, too!


Lesson 4. Craquelin

  • Make candied oranges by simmering slices in a simple syrup for the filling of this decadent treat. Roll out your dough and then line it with the oranges before you fold and trim it into pieces that are proofed, topped with slivered almonds and baked.


Lesson 5. Brioche au Chocolat & Pain aux Raisins

  • Discover two favorite brioche treats filled with classic French pastry cream. First, cook along with Joanne as you temper your egg yolks before adding to your milk to make to make a thick vanilla-flavored custard. Roll out your dough before adding chocolate and folding in half, or add raisins and roll into a jelly roll. Finally, cut, proof, bake and even add a sugar glaze.


Lesson 6. Savory Brioche Recipes

  • Turn your attention from the sweet to the savory as you explore topping or filling your brioche dough with cheeses, pesto, meats and even a fresh egg. Form mini deep-dish pizzas and hot pockets and make Joanne’s special pesto recipe where she blanches the basil to add an extra punch of flavor.


Lesson 7. Sticky Sticky Buns

  • Master the sticky buns that brought down competitive chef Bobby Flay. Joanne shares her exclusive recipe for her famous sweet rolls as you learn how to make the rich caramel sauce that will give your rolls their “goo.” Then, roll out your dough, layer on a sweet, nutty mixture, roll up and cut into buns. Proof, bake and prepare to get stuck on this treat!

"This was by far the best tutorial video I've ever seen. Everything was explained so well, It was almost like having a private baking class with Joanne Chang. ... Thank you very much."
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