Intro to Modeling Chocolate

Cityscape Cakes

with Lauren Kitchens

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Lauren Kitchens teaches you to concoct, color, texture and transform modeling chocolate, taking it to new heights and bringing it into your kitchen. Read More…

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Class Description

Add modeling chocolate to your cake decorating bag of tricks! In Intro to Modeling Chocolate: Cityscape Cakes, cake artist Lauren Kitchens shows you how to create textured, colorful cake embellishments from this easy and versatile medium. Lauren takes the city of Chicago as her inspiration, crafting Windy City landmarks from the Sears Tower to Lake Michigan. You'll learn how to add color and textural accents and assemble a spectacular cake that reflects the city you call home — or any favorite place! Lauren also shares with you step-by-step instructions for assembling and transporting your cake.

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Intro to Modeling Chocolate: Cityscape Cakes
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, cake artist Lauren Kitchens, and learn about the Craftsy platform.


Lesson 2. Cake Design

  • Lauren discusses the importance of designing your cake, including where to find inspiration, how to sketch and edit your design.


Lesson 3. Modeling Chocolate

  • Lauren shows you step by step how to mix, knead and color modeling chocolate, whether using white, milk or dark chocolate.


Lesson 4. Preparing the Cake

  • Get that cake ready to decorate as Lauren demonstrates how to support and stack your cake.


Lesson 5. Lake Michigan

  • Begin building your cityscape as Lauren illustrates her techniques as she builds Lake Michigan, adding sailboats, Navy Pier and even lakefront condos!


Lesson 6. Into the City

  • Lauren demonstrates coloring with an airbrush and adds bridges, cars and cabs.


Lesson 7. Chicago Landmarks

  • Learn how to create buildings and details from your hometown as Lauren adds museums and other Chicago landmarks.


Lesson 8. Topper

  • Turn your focus to the top as Lauren assembles the show-stopping topper, complete with edible images, airbrushing and more.


Lesson 9. Assembling the Cityscape Cake

  • It's time to put it all together! Learn the best way to store your cake before Lauren demonstrates how to attach buildings and put on the finishing touches.

"I've read books, tutorials, and watched lots of videos on how to prepare and work with modeling chocolate. None come close to Laurenís method of teaching! I have attempted modeling chocolate several times only to fail miserably. After taking Lauren's course, not only was I able to make a successful batch, I also was able to create some pretty cool figures."
- dcaballero

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