Button Bands & Buttonholes

with Anne Hanson

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Live life on the edge with designer and lifelong knitter Anne Hanson as she teaches you how to incorporate beautiful finishes on your hand-knit garments. Read More…

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Class Description

Upgrade your knitting skills from pullovers to cardigans with designer Anne’s help. Learn to knit perfect button bands and create sublime buttonholes. Understand how button choices affect the look and use of your sweater. Anne, a lifelong knitter who practices the fine art of finishing, will guide you through the calculation for picking up stitches and help you execute beautiful bind-offs.

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Button Bands & Buttonholes
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Planning & Preparation

  • Get started creating button bands! Prepare and plan how you'd like to use your buttons!


Lesson 2. Calculating the Pickup Ratio

  • Learn how to pick up stitches and calculate the pickup ratio you need to create even, extraordinary button bands!


Lesson 3. Working with Different Edges

  • Learn how to create different types of edges for a variety of looks.


Lesson 4. Working the Button Band

  • Learn how to bind off your button band and troubleshoot common problems.


Lesson 5. Choosing Buttons

  • Now that your button band is complete, learn about choosing buttons to make your garment stand out.


Lesson 6. Applying & Spacing Buttons

  • Learn how to space and attach your buttons!


Lesson 7. Buttonhole Bands

  • Learn how to make eyelet buttonholes, two-row buttonholes and one-row buttonholes.


Lesson 8. Incorporated Buttonhole Bands

  • Learn about buttonhole bands that are incorporated into your garment.

"This class gives a great review of things to consider in planning a buttonband. There are great tips, and lots of technical details that will make a difference in choosing buttons and the appropriate buttonhole. My only critique is sometimes the camera is not close enough to show the actual knitting, but this is rare. Anne's teaching style is very low key. I am an experienced sweater knitter, but am now excited to improve my buttonband skills!"
- MimiFan
Oakland, CA

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Student Projects

Buttonholes by Anne Hanson
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