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Painted Pictorial Quilts

with Annette Kennedy
Painted Pictorial Quilts
Brushstroke by brushstroke, Annette Kennedy shows you how to use paint to bring your quilted landscapes to life with depth and richness.

Annette uses two included projects to show you how to add visual depth to your own quilted images. In 15 beautiful HD video lessons, Annette teaches you how to choose, mix and adjust paint colors to get the perfect hue every time. You'll discover how to turn a photograph into a line drawing, select a palette of colorful fabric, and build a fused appliqué design. Finally, brushstroke by brushstroke, Annette teaches you the painting techniques that turn 2-D fabric shapes into rich and lifelike creations. Her thorough instruction will give you the confidence to let your imagination run wild with your painted quilts.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Annette Kennedy, a Colorado artist who translates her photographs into colorful painted pictorial quilts.


Lesson 2. Creating Visual Depth

  • Using paint and a full palette of colors, Annette explains how to enhance a quilt and create visual depth. You'll learn how to train your eye to imagine ways to translate photos into works of quilted art.


Lesson 3. Supplies & Materials

  • Annette shows you what brushes, paints, gels and other supplies will work best for your projects. You'll learn where to buy and how to store your materials so you can use them as long as possible.


Lesson 4. Practicing Brush Strokes

  • Practice a variety of different strokes with Annette's help, including blocking, wisping, place-and-pull, lining and depression stroke techniques. You'll be amazed by how many different visual effects you can achieve!


Lesson 5. Assembling the Calla Lily

  • Starting with the sleek and sophisticated calla lily, you'll learn how to trace and cut pattern pieces, mark features, and create the flower. Additionally, you'll discover how to work with fusible web appliqué.


Lesson 6. Painting Leaves & Stems

  • Put your new painting skills to work as you refine the lily's leaves and stem. Starting with a painting guide, you'll carefully mix your colors. Annette shows you step-by-step examples to add highlights and do a colorwash.


Lesson 7. Painting the Lily

  • Use four vibrant colors to transform your lily from ordinary to stunning! Annette shows how to create shadows to add dimension, layer colors, and refine details.


Lesson 8. Color

  • Dive into color theory and learn how to mute colors, choose pleasing color themes and mix paints to achieve the exact shades you want. Then practice painting techniques to learn the best ways to create visual depth and contours.


Lesson 9. Depth & Dimension

  • Explore ways to achieve the proper proportion in your work as you learn the fundamentals of distance, scale, shading and exaggeration, and how each can make a significant difference in the quality of your art.


Lesson 10. Assembling the Canyon

  • In the first of three lessons on the Painted Canyon design, you'll learn how to use tracing, fusible web and transparent images to transfer designs to your fabric.


Lesson 11. Painting the Canyon

  • Use your artist's instincts as you paint contours and shadows, adding visual drama to the appliqué. Annette shows you how to lighten and darken paints, emphasize a focal point and much more in this thorough lesson.


Lesson 12. Painting Mountains

  • Add contours to the mountains, using shading to separate them. Then focus on highlighting techniques that will add dimension and visual interest. Close-up footage of Annette's work will help you see all the details you need.


Lesson 13. Painting the Foreground

  • Use your new skills in scale and dimension as you paint the foreground. Experiment with opaques and shadows, paint the ground, road and desert plants, and find new ways to add pop to the foreground.


Lesson 14. Quilting & Finishing

  • Finish your painted quilt with dynamic stitches and threads that highlight your fabric and color choices and add even more dimension to your painted creations. Annette shows you how to continue painting after quilting if you wish.


Lesson 15. Bonus: Sun Print Collage

  • Join Annette again in this bonus lesson as you explore ways to create a vivid collage. You'll learn how to use basic supplies such as sponges, odds-and-ends from the kitchen and garden, and light to create beautiful works of art!

"I haven't even started the second project but already know this is the best thing that could have happened to my creative world. I have been longing to create something more then just a traditional quilt, and had already started collecting paints and things months before I knew this class existed. I had no idea where to begin and this class has given me a launching point. Annette explains the purpose behind each step so clearly and the techniques will carry with me in my future projects! Fantastic! From one Army wife to another thanks so much!"
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