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Photo of Rachel Saunders

Jam & Marmalade

The Blue Chair Way

with Rachel Saunders

Class rating

(55 reviews)

rated 5 stars

Excellent Class with LOTS of Great Information

I really enjoyed the class. I have been making jam and preserves for many years using pectin and really wanted to be able to make special flavors and especially marmalade without the use of pectin. The class gave me all the information I needed to meet these goals and then some. I thought the materials were well organized and well thought out. I have the book and love it too!

rated 5 stars

Exceptional Class!

I never dreamed I would be able to make jams and marmalades. I have always cooked a lot, but was intimidated to try jams and marmalades. All of my attempts so far have been really exceptional, just from following instructions in this class. It is one of the best classes at Craftsy in my opinion. It is obvious how much thought and experimentation went into the instructions that would let a novice turn out preserves that are better than the fancy ones I bought at a gourmet supply.

rated 5 stars

Great Class!!

I've made the blackberry and strawberry jams from the class materials and the Apricot Orange Marmalade from her book. They all turned out with amazing bright fruit flavors and perfect consistency. I appreciate knowing the science behind what is happening in the pot. I don't understand the whining about what she didn't teach. The title was jam and marmalade and that's what we got. I've been preserving for many years and the techniques taught in this class have taken my jams and marmalades ...

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rated 5 stars

All I needed

The class gave me all I need it. I not only tried the 3 recipes but used the technique for other flavors and achieved great success. I highly recommend.
By the way, even living in a different country and culture and not having English as my mother tongue, I was able to follow all the details and step-by-step because the instructor is so clear and well articulated.
Thank you for this wonderful class.

rated 5 stars

Gives you confidence

Learned so much from this. After 60 years of letting my Mom do this because it seemed too hard, finally willing to make jam with her. We even put in 1 lemon peel in the orange marmalade -- a step always skipped because it didn't seem right. (Next year may even try the 2 lemons it calls for.) The brightness Rachel mentions finally made sense. After learning foaming just clouds the jam, put a little butter into the batches we made. Very little if any foaming occurred. The jam turned out clear ...

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