Jam & Marmalade

The Blue Chair Way

with Rachel Saunders

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Rachel Saunders, proprietor of the Blue Chair Fruit Company, shows you innovative, easy techniques for making flavorful jam and marmalade. Read More…

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Class Description

Capture the bright flavors of seasonal fruit through the artisanal craft of cooking and jarring preserves. Follow Rachel's step-by-step methods for creating succulent blackberry jam, savory strawberry spread and zesty, sweet lemon marmalade. Learn the perfect, research-tested balance of fruit, sugar and other ingredients to maximize flavor and shelf life. With minimal preparation, you can preserve and enjoy your fruit for months or years. Get your jam on with Jam & Marmalade the Blue Chair Way, the quintessential class for producing exquisitely flavored and textured preserves.

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Jam & Marmalade the Blue Chair Way
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Rachel Saunders, founder of the Blue Chair Fruit Company, and learn about the Craftsy platform.


Lesson 2. Equipment

  • Rachel reveals the equipment you'll need to make jam and marmalade.


Lesson 3. Blackberry Jam

  • Learn to make a succulent blackberry jam from start to finish with Rachel's detailed instruction and insights.


Lesson 4. Strawberry Jam

  • Learn to make a savory strawberry spread with Rachel's help. You'll also get tips on balancing flavor and transferring heat.


Lesson 5. Marmalade

  • Learn the definition of a marmalade and master your own marmalade with Rachel's recipes and helpful step-by-step guidance.


Lesson 6. Preparing Marmalade

  • Days one and two of Rachel's lemon marmalade method.


Lesson 7. Cooking Marmalade

  • Cook and test your lemon marmalade with Rachel's detailed instruction. Watch this lesson all the way through or jump right in and start cooking your marmalade.


Lesson 8. Jarring

  • Now that you've made delicious jams, you'll want to share with family and friends. Learn to jar, seal and sterilize your preserves.

"The class was explained in a fun and informative way. Rachel is gifted at covering all aspects of her craft with insight and precise communication that doesn't leave you guessing ... Questions that I sent to Rachel and her staff were answered promptly and with complete explanation."
- markink81
Cincinnati Ohio

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Student Projects

7 Day Strawberry Jam by markink81
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  • by markink81
  • 7 Day Strawberry Jam
Fig Jam, Tomato Jam and Peach Marmalade by marialando
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  • Fig Jam, Tomato Jam and Peach Marmalade
Orange Marmalade by sheila1178122
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  • by sheila1178122
  • Orange Marmalade
Strawberry Fields Forever by Miz Lisette
  • Photo of Miz Lisette
  • by Miz Lisette
  • Strawberry Fields Forever

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