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Bead & Tapestry Cuffs

with Claudia Chase
Bead & Tapestry Cuffs
Combine beadwork with weaving for beautiful cuffs that are accessible and eye-catching! Create jewelry designs that fit your style and learn to weave with beads on three different looms, including one you make yourself.

Take the plunge into a beautiful new form of fiber art! Claudia Chase helps new crafters get started and even shows experienced beaders and weavers fresh tricks. These addictive bracelet designs whip up in as little as 45 minutes and make the perfect handmade gift. Cotton or silk, clay or crystals, you'll love the results. With Claudia's guidance, make designs that match your style, from delicate and luxe to bold and tribal. You'll even learn how to make a basic bead loom using a picture frame!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Claudia Chase, as she previews what you'll learn in this class.


Lesson 2. Looms

  • Claudia Chase explains three looms: the Mirrix bead and tapestry loom, the Cricket rigid-heddle loom and a handmade frame loom.


Lesson 3. Silk & Bead Affinity Bracelet

  • Claudia discusses the materials you'll need and how to set up each loom. Then get started with a simple bracelet using silk thread and beads.


Lesson 4. Gold Thread & Bead Affinity Bracelet

  • Elegant gold thread and beads lend a new twist to the beautiful, classic affinity bracelet.


Lesson 5. Affinity Bracelet Variations

  • Expand your skills as Claudia introduces two beautiful variations on the affinity bracelet that feature larger beads.


Lesson 6. No Warp Ends Bracelet - Mirrix

  • Expand your skills on the Mirrix loom as you weave with wire, adding in beautiful beads along the way.


Lesson 7. No Warp Ends Bracelet - Cricket

  • Claudia uses the Cricket loom to create the no warp ends bracelet in wire.


Lesson 8. Tapestry Cuff - Cricket

  • Set up and weave the tapestry cuff on the Cricket rigid-heddle loom.


Lesson 9. Tapestry Cuff - Mirrix

  • The tapestry cuff is explored, this time on the Mirrix loom.


Lesson 10. Tapestry Cuff - Advanced Techniques

  • Take your weaving skills farther as Claudia shows you several more variations for the tapestry cuff bracelet, including how to make wavy lines, hatching and even a checker board.


Lesson 11. Finishing the Cuff

  • Take your cuff from loom to wearable art as you learn to apply the cuff fabric to a metal backing.


Lesson 12. Bonus: Columbian Clay Bead Bracelet

  • Learn how to make a version of the affinity bracelet using handmade Columbian clay beads in this bonus lesson.

"I want to thank Claudia and Craftsy for making this class available. The project could be done on any loom, even a handmade loom from four pieces of wood, and the materials required are whatever you happen to have in the way of beads and yarn. Nothing expensive is required and I was able to recycle all sorts of things into my project. I had some old jewelry that I took apart for beads and had lots of leftover sport-weight knitting wool and embroidery floss for the warp and weft. I would highly recommend this class to others, regardless of their stash of beads and yarn or whatever loom they might own or make. Thanks again for a great way to learn new techniques. "
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