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Quilt and Sew Faster! Insider Secrets from Craftsy Pros

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Quilting, Sewing | Comments

From curved snips to finger pressing, we've got the insider secrets from some savvy Craftsy sewing and quilting instructors! Learn how to save time sewing with some great tools and tricks!

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Fashion Design 101: How to Manipulate Darts on a Bodice for Princess Seams

Posted by on Sep 20, 2014 in Sewing |

As a longtime garment sewer one of the most rewarding and fun things to do is to create my own designs. I get a kick out of taking a basic pattern that I can manipulate to create something entirely different and all my own. You can do it too! All it takes is a little know-how and a desire to try something new. How’s it done? It’s as simple as converting a few darts! Learn how to create your own designs just like the pros with this simple technique.

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Expert Tricks & Foolproof Techniques: Tips for Muslin Fitting

Posted by on Sep 7, 2014 in Sewing |

How often does a sewing pattern fit you straight out of the packet with no alterations? Rarely, right? This is why it often helps to make a muslin, to assess the style and fit before you cut into your precious fashion fabric. Here are some foolproof tips for muslin fitting to help you find your perfect fit!

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How to Attach Lining to an Invisible Zipper With a Sewing Machine

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in Sewing | Comments

When sewing the lining into a garment with an invisible zipper opening, many sewing patterns instruct you to hand sew the lining to the zipper tape on the inside using a slip stitch. It is usually possible to attach the lining to the zipper by sewing machine instead for a faster, stronger and cleaner finish. This post demonstrates how to sew the lining to to the invisible zipper of a garment without any hand sewing. Read more

Pattern Hack Your Way to 9 New Looks This Summer!

Posted by on Aug 10, 2014 in Sewing |

Want to get the most out of your sewing patterns this summer? Make them work harder! With a bit of creative pattern hacking, you can end up with fresh new looks for any occasion, whatever your preferred style or sewing ability. So, if you need a boost of confidence or some creative inspiration, here are 9 of my favorite pattern hacks to help you create a wardrobe brimming with cute tops and blouses.

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