What Helps Sell More Patterns?

It’s true: some people judge books by their covers, and some potential buyers judge patterns by their listings. No problem; just make a great listing!

Great Photos Matter

  1. Use live models to show the finished item in action. If your pattern is for a child, find a cute kiddo to show it off! If it’s a plus-sized sweater that complements curves, find a plus-size friend to model it. In other words, buyers want to see your pattern in action on a real person.
  2. Take pictures in natural light. Most people don’t have access to professional lighting equipment and photo assistants. So to make your photos look great, try shooting them in natural (day) light. Flashes are harsh and can cause glare and other unpleasant effects. Sun, on the other hand, is like that giant Klieg light in the sky. But remember, shoot with the sun behind you, or to the side of your subject, otherwise it will be backlit and hard to see.
  3. Don’t take pictures of yourself. If you want to model your design, have someone else take the photo. By having a friend take a picture (or you taking a picture of a friend), you can get more angles/views of the design–a definite positive!

Great Descriptions Spark Interest

  1. Be descriptive. This is your first (and likely only) opportunity to convince your reader why your design is so fabulous. So don’t leave anything important out. Talk about your inspiration, share what makes it so different/unique/special/wonderful, and describe how fun it is to make. They say the devil is in the details, but you might find it’s actually the sale that’s in the details.
  2. Be concise. You might think that this is contradictory to the first step, but they go hand-in-hand. The key is saying it in an easy-to-understand and efficient way. Don’t say “Kids are the kind of people who will look good in the sweater I made with this design.” Instead, say: “This sweater looks great on kids!”
  3. Include specific sizing information, if appropriate. Not only will this please potential customers and help close more sales, it will save your precious time answering tons of detailed questions about sizing from potential buyers.

A Few Final Kickers…

  1. Make sure the ‘Price is Right.’ Search the web for current prices on patterns that are similar to yours. This is what your potential buyers will do to decide if you are offering a fair price. Make sure your pattern is competitive!
  2. Give buyers someone to relate to. People who seek out indie patterns are often motivated by interest in buying from a real person, instead of a hobby-centered corporation. So, don’t be afraid to share a few details about yourself and your crafting life. You’d be surprised of the difference it makes!
  3. Proofread. It’s worth the extra few minutes to preview and re-read what you’ve written to make sure you’ve said everything you wanted to say, and you’ve spelled things correctly and made things easy to understand. Misspellings and confusing phrasing can appear unprofessional to potential customers (no matter how great your pattern is).

Good luck! We’re thrilled to feature your patterns to the Craftsy community. If you have any questions on how to sell your patterns on Craftsy, please send an email to patterns@craftsy.com.


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  1. Carolyn Wainscott

    Just wanted to thank all of you at Craftsy for providing this avenue for us crafters. Advertising is so expensive but this will allow us to provide a personal touch. Most of us know that we won’t be making millions but just want to supplement income and in some cases it is the sole income. Again, just a great deal of thanks.

    • Emily Epperson

      I agree with you. I don’t have a job but love the idea that I can sell my designs to make just a little money on the side when I am looking for work.

  2. Sondra L Cooke

    Thank you for this opportunity to sell my patterns on Craftsy! I am sincerely delighted to be a part of this community! It is so amazing that you are not charging any fees!!! Thank you again!

    Sondra L Cooke

    • Emily Epperson

      I am delighted to sell my patterns too. I knew of a place once that didn’t charge fees selling my things but they moved to a new loction and didn’t bother letting us the sellers know where to find the new store. I glad I found a place to sell without fees.

  3. Tanya Dunn

    I love the Craftsy website so much. Browsing through all the other projects gives me inspiration and it makes my day when I receive feedback regarding the crafts I have shared. I have only been a Craftsy member for about a year now but I feel like it is a huge part of my life. I look forward to being able to sell some of my patterns through the Craftsy website, I might even see if I can come up with some more!!!! Thank you Craftsy.com

    • Emily Epperson

      I agree with you. I have posted any of my patterns yet but I might just try it once and see how it goes. I haven’t been a member that long either.

  4. carolyn doe

    I so appreciate Craftsy.com!
    Since I have joined and started showing my patterns here, my sales and exposure have greatly increased.
    I am thrilled to be able to offer them for sale now!
    Thank you,
    I think the more knitting that takes place in this world…the far far better!


  5. Annie and Lyn

    Thank you very much for offering this service. Craftsy is a brilliant site with an amazing amount of inspirational projects.

  6. Mary Dolan

    I am very excited to participate with my patterns on your website. What a perfect audience for this. My business is felting supplies and I have created several patterns using wool roving and also wool fabric. My Felted Easter Egg pattern will be a good one to start with. I have several other holiday patterns that are just fun to create. My wool flower patterns use up scraps of 100% wool fabric. Seems like we all save the leftovers, even though we wonder if we’ll ever use them. So the flower patterns will help everyone deplete that pile of wool. Thank you for offering the free patterns. I will be adding my patterns soon!

  7. Debbie Gates

    I am excited to be able to share my crochet patterns. I have not yet sold any patterns, nor got my website up and running. I have only sold my crochet items (purses, hats, scarves and a few other items), through friends and family. I have been told I really need to get these out there, so I am going for it. I love crocheting and designing, and have really gotten back into crocheting this last year due to a neck injury and it helps keep me sane :-). Thank You Craftsy.com for the opportunity and the community.

  8. Carla Pera

    Thank you for providing such a great place for crafters. I have enjoyed and learned so much from the classes I have taken here, and I am very appreciative that you are so generously giving independent designers exposure and space to show off our talents.

  9. Linda Shivers

    I have knitted and crocheted since little girl. Over the years while teaching art on the h.s.
    level continued to enjoy working with fibers and other various crafts. I am currently working
    on crochet and knit shawls/cowls with added beads and trim. I look forward to trying patterns
    from other creative fiber artists and making new friends.

  10. Uma Padu

    I am so excited to open a store on Craftsy! I have been designing knitwear and selling my patterns that I am also beginning to upload here. I also crochet and sew! What a great opportunity to show-off your skills and also learn from the many classes being offered here. Reallly looking forward to an exciting year of crafting and learning. Thank you Craftsy!

  11. Liza

    I can not fully express the gratitude I have for this wonderful opportunity. To enable small businesses (very small in my case) to sell their patterns at no cost in this economy is a blessing. Personally it helps put food on the table and keep the bill collectors at bay.
    Thank you!!!

  12. Lindsay

    As new to the design world I appreciate your policies and set-up. Thank you for providing another venue for selling patterns at no cost! You have incorporated all that is great about other sites – tags, photos, etc. into an easy to use pattern upload format. I also love that you are committed to education and have courses in crafting!

  13. Lindsay

    As new to the design world I appreciate your policies and set-up. Thank you for providing another venue for selling patterns at no cost! You have incorporated all that is great about other sites – tags, photos, etc. into an easy to use pattern upload format. I also love that you are committed to education and have courses in crafting! Thanks Craftsy!

  14. Tracy B.

    I just came across your website from the “crocheting club” facebook fan page. This is awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to sell my pdf crochet patterns here!

  15. Regina

    Thank you for this opportunity to sell my patterns on your site. I am looking forward to writing lots more, I enjoy write new patterns all the time.

  16. Myra

    Thank you for this opportunity that will cultivate and inspire others and like me to keep on crafting. And thank you for providing another vehicle for crafter’s like us to earn while enjoying in creating nice little to big things and the happiness it brings :) More power to Craftsy.com!!!

  17. Rosa Lamoureux

    I love Craftsy, and admire all the instructors, I just retired from teaching sewing classes after 19 years in my city school district for adults. My passion is creating sewing fashions, patterns and sewing, I hope to bring my patterns to Craftsy to sell and also share for free. Thank you for offering this wonderful web, I will keep sharing it on my Face book page.

    Thanks Craftsy!!!

  18. JoAnn Hoffman

    Thank you so much for the wonderful classes and the opportunity to sell my quilt patterns in such an inspiring website. I loved your videos from Quilt Con and will continure to support you on Facebook.

  19. Rosi

    Hi, been drafting my own patterns for a while now but how does one achieve the clean, pc enhanced finish? Which program can one use. Guidance would be deeply appreciated, thanks!

  20. Wendy

    I am intrigued with the idea of submitting a pattern but don’t know how to get a pdf document made of the pattern. Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you! I am loving your site.

  21. florie

    This is a very good and encouraging idea for small business ones to advertise what they are doing on line. though i have not yet started i hope to get my pictures of my crochet hats ready very soon .Thanks for the classes .I will join soon

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