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15 Essential Spices Every Cook Should Have on Hand

List of Essential Spices Every Cook Should Have on Hand

There are hundreds of spices to choose from at the grocery store, but only a handful you'll use over and over again. Stock your pantry with these 15 essential spices, and enjoy endless possibilities for flavorful homemade meals.

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12 FREE Sewing Patterns for Toddlers That Are Just Too Cute

Woolen Vest Sizes 1 - 6

Do you know a toddler who goes through multiple outfit changes every day? Be prepared for whatever comes your way — spills, dirt, potty accidents or even a change in the weather — with this collection of 12 FREE sewing patterns for toddlers that you can download and sew!

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Bake n’ Brew: 7 Creative Ideas for Baking With Beer

Beer Cupcakes

Beer can be used in all sorts of baking, from breads to luscious layer cakes to decadent brownies and even a beer-scented ganache. No, this is not some "flavor of the week" fad; the effervescence and unique, malty flavor of beer translate well into the world of sweets. How can it be done? Read on!

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