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7 Cluster Jewelry Designs With Plenty of Sparkle

Cluster Jewelry Tutorials

Making cluster jewelry looks intimidating, but really, the biggest challenge is choosing and coordinating all the beads! If you love sparkle — and you have a ton of extra shimmery beads in your stash — here are 7 simple cluster jewelry tutorials to consider for your next project.

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6 Beautifully Twisted Filigree Jewelry Designs

Filigree Jewelry Designs

The light, airy design of filigree jewelry incorporates wires that are twisted and turned to create unbelievably lovely accessories. The best part is you don't need any special equipment to give this a try — your hands and some wire are the only requirements, and getting started is easier than ever with these 6 terrific tutorials.

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Which Types of Jewelry Chains Are Perfect for My Pieces?

5 Most popular Jewelry Chains

If you are planning on making a necklace, you will discover that there are many different types of jewelry chains to choose from. Whether you're attaching a pendant or plan to let the chain shine on its own, this handy little guide will help you choose the chain that's perfect for your piece.

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