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You’ll Love the Twists & Turns of These 10 Wire-Wrapped Pendant Patterns

Wire Pendant Snowshoe Wrap Tutorial

The versatility in wire-wrapped pendants means that the skill is open to any level of jewelry maker. Whether you're a beginner experimenting with the basics or an advanced wire worker looking for something intricate, these wire-wrapped pendant patterns will give you the challenge and the skills you crave.

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Quick Guide: How to Make Bracelets Five Ways


Making your own bracelets is a great way to get exactly the kind of accessories you've always wanted, at a portion of the price. Discover 5 fun ideas for how to make bracelets that look just as professional as anything you would buy at the store.

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Easy, Fun & Affordable: How to Make Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer Clay Necklace - colorful clay necklace

Big, bold statement jewelry is an enduring trend we can't get enough of, and it's hotter than ever this season. Colorful polymer clay beads are a fun way to achieve this look, and the best part is, making them is incredibly easy and very inexpensive. Learn how it's done with this FREE tutorial.

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