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Made from Scratch: Homemade Snickers Bars

Homemade Snickers Bars

Making snickers candy bars from scratch will be so much more scrumptious and mouthwatering than its store-bought cousin. Once you have a taste, you’ll never look at store-bought candy bars the same way ever again!

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Dessert 101: What is Dacquoise & How is it Used?


It's not surprising if you're perplexed by the term dacquoise. While the term is used fairly frequently in the world of cake decorating, the definition is not clear: Is it a specific type of dessert, or is it a type of cake that is used as a component?

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Have We Got A Tip for You!? A Roundup Our Best Hacks

Cut Triangles for Quilting

Introducing the Craftsy hackathon! Check out this week’s roundup of the best and the brightest tips, tricks and helpful hints from around the Craftsy blog. From nail polish jewelry to understanding BX fonts and beyond, you’re sure to find a tip that’s a real treat!

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