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Stress-less, Simple and Sweet Wedding Sugar Cookies

DIY wedding sugar cookies tutorial

Creating hundreds of pretty wedding sugar cookies for a client really ups the stress levels, but it needn't be too panic-inducing! Keep your techniques simple but your designs sweet with our easy-peasy tutorial for wedding sugar cookies.

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Wok the Line: How To Stir-Fry Without a Wok

How to Make Stir-Fry Without a Wok

Here's the situation: you're craving stir-fry, but you don't have a wok. Does this mean you have to order takeout? No way! Discover an easy hack for how to make stir-fry without a wok here.

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How to Properly Hold a Knife: An Illustrated Guide

How to hold a knife

Many of us who never attended culinary school never learned the proper way to hold a knife. This illustrated guide will teach you the proper way to hold a knife, improper ways to hold a knife, and address the hows and whys of both.

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A Simple Recipe for Homemade Vanilla Extract

How to Make Vanilla Extract at Home

High quality vanilla extract is fairly expensive and it gets used up quickly, even though you only need a little at a time. Fortunately, you can save a little bit without sacrificing any vanilla flavor in your baking by making your own vanilla extract at home. Find out how here!

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