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Drawing Realistic Animals: How to Draw a Dog

Posted by on Sep 12, 2014 in Drawing |

Learn how to draw animals with the brand new series of Craftsy tutorials. We are kicking things off with a detailed and easy to follow tutorial on how to draw man's best friend.

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Get Ready for Savings September: 6 New Online Classes, Now on Sale

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Drawing, Gardening, Jewelry Making, Knitting, Photography, Quilting |

Bring in the savings this September with fantastic online classes from Craftsy! From learning to create your own gorgeous garden escape to a FREE wirework jewelry class, we're bringing you six new classes you're going to love!

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Deference to the Reference: Using Reference Images to Create Great Art

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Drawing, Painting |

Regardless of the technique, medium or style you choose, reference images are an invaluable tool when creating fine art. They can help us gain factual information about spatial relationships, colors and forms that can help inform and inspire creative works of art, whether the finished product is fine art, pop art, impressionism or magical realism.

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Magnificent Manga: 10 Beginner Drawing Manga Tips

Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 in Drawing |

Want to learn how to practice manga? Then you’re in the right place! Read on for 10 top tips to help you successfully start drawing manga...

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The Windows of the Soul: Step-by-Step Guide for Drawing Realistic Eyes

Posted by on Sep 5, 2014 in Drawing |

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How to Turn Your Art Into Greeting Cards

Posted by on Sep 3, 2014 in Drawing, Paper Crafts |

Greeting cards are a wonderful way to reproduce your artwork at a higher volume. Not only are they a fantastic mini canvas for your illustrations, but they are also a practical item that people purchase and use on a regular basis. Read on for helpful tips to help you get started in the wonderful world of greeting card production.

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