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Make Your Artwork POP With Pop Art!

How to draw pop art

Pop art is characterized by bright, bold representations of iconic items from popular culture. Some famous examples are Andy Warhol's Soup Cans, Roy Lichtenstein's simplistic, cartoon-like paintings, and Claes Oldenberg's super-sized sculptures of common objects. Here are some simple tutorials which will guide you through approaches to drawing pop art using words and images.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Simple Charcoal Techniques

types of charcoal and their use

For many artists, charcoal is the first introduction to the world of drawing. It's a great starting place, since many of the techniques are easy to learn. Become a master of this medium by learning common charcoal techniques that can make your drawings more lifelike.

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Drawing Essentials: How to Draw a Man’s Face

male face in colored pencil

What's the difference between drawing a male face and a female face? It's important to recognize the differences in facial features so you can accurately depict your subject. Learn how here!

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