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Get Twisted With Wire Crochet Jewelry Patterns

Making beautiful crochet wire jewelry!

Did you know that you can use wire and some traditional crochet stitches to make jewelry? Check out our patterns and tutorials for wire crochet jewelry — with a bit of practice, you'll be creating stunning wearable art!

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Fun With Yarn: A Winter White Yarn Wreath Tutorial

White yarn wreath DIY — Make it with Craftsy!

When the holidays are over and all the decorations are put back in the basement nothing exciting is left — no twinkling lights, glitter or garland. Beat the post-holiday blues (and clear out your stash) by decorating for winter, with this pretty DIY yarn wreath!

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Crochet Basics: How to Choose the Best Crochet Hooks

clover crochet hooks

There is no one "perfect" crochet hook but it's possible to find the best crochet hooks for your own unique requirements. This guide highlights some of the best crochet hooks and helps you find the hooks that are right for you.

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