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  1. Sharon Kaplan

    I just want the staff to know that I am extremely impressed with the quality of this company. I have enjoyed the lessons, designers and projects, but mostly I feel that the members of the staff are very attuned to the needs and desires of the public. Having read all of the emails from the company, I also appreciate being treated like an intelligent adult and being kept in the loop.
    Thank you and keep the good things coming!
    Sharon Kaplan



  3. Charlotte

    I love Craftsy and am thoroughly enjoying my online class. I’m an avid knitter, but was taught to do it the English way, and would really, really, like to learn the Continental way, am hoping that maybe someday Craftsy will offer a course on it like the one Leslye Solomon and another instructor teaches at the Stitches shows. They say their method is fast & easy to learn, and Continental knitting is so much faster than the English method. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I see a class here someday.

  4. Gabrielle

    AGREE with Charlotte! Would LOVE to see a class for Continental knitting! I’m also an English “thrower’, but would sure like to become a Continental ‘picker’. And while I’m at it suggesting classes…how about one for using dpn’s? I have a difficult time with those little double pointy sticks..LOL…always end up with either too many stitches or not enough.. Need a class to show me exactly how to hold my yarn, and where it should be when I change needles. Does it go underneath the first needle when I change to the next, or over the top…or..WHERE? HELP!!! A class that moves slowly, with lots of nice video close-ups of each move. For BOTH! Pickin’ and DPN’n…LOL…’ Pretty please? Help us get the most from our knitting! Thanks!!!!

    • Support

      Hi Gabrielle,

      Thanks for your suggestions! We are always looking for new and exciting class ideas to bring to our community! I will be sure to pass these ideas on to our team.

  5. Gloria

    Please do make a video for learning DPNS! i have trouble . please go slow when making it. Thanks!!

    • Support

      Gloria – Thanks so much for your suggestion. I will be sure to pass along your comments to our production team.

  6. Rosanne Hughes

    I purchased Viola Sue’s pattern for Knitted Lamb Sheep. They are soooo cute. Wonderful for a Christmas Scene or just for fun. I would buy from her again. Thanks so much Viola!!!!

  7. Linda Stutterheim

    I cannot begin to tell you how wonder, fantastic, awesome these Craftsy classes are! Oh my gosh, the quality of the videos are just amazing. You can’t get any of this out of a book. Dressmaking is my life. Even tho I have been sewing all my life, I still don’t know everything, almost. lol. I live in Germany, and I have this one particular granddaughter in the states that would to learn how to sew. I did buy her a sewing maching, but haven’t had the time to teach her how to sew, just not enough time. Can someone PLEASE come out with a Beginners Sewing Class??? There is a set of DVD’s, beginers sewing from this wonderful magazine that I do subscribe to, but it’s not the same. I WANT Craftsy! Sewing is becoming a lost art. I want Craftsy to keep it alive! PLEASE!!! I will be waiting!
    And thank you for having such fantastic classes!

    • Support


      Thank you so much for your sentiments! We are happy to keep sewing alive. We do currently have an awesome beginner level sewing class on our site! The class is called “Sewing Studio” with instructor Diana Rupp. In this class she teaches the basics of pinning, stitching, pressing, and finishing. For more details about this class, please visit:

  8. Jade (Sheri'L)

    Any help/hints/tips/lessons for the truly left-handed knitter? I have had to “trial-and-error” my way through. The basics were not to troublesome. Entrelac presented with some very challenging aspects with the beginning/end (edge) triangles. And I haven’t more than theorized as to how to translate a “picture” pattern. And angled stitches.
    I refuse to believe that the knitting world would turn it’s back on those of us who are in-capable of knitting right-handed or even continental style. I won’t. It may take me the rest of my life, but I hope there are others who have progressed farther than I who would share what they have learned along the way. I teach left-handed basic knitting to others, and I would like to give them more as I learn more. Thank you.

  9. Jo Roemer

    I ordered the box of the month but don’t know where and how to find the pattern for it.Can anybody help me???

    • Support

      Hi Jo, I’m sorry for the confusion. We did send you a October Mystery Box on 10/30. This deal did not include any patterns. If you are looking for patterns you might consider checking out the Pattern Store on Craftsy where you can find thousands of patterns from indie designers here: Happy knitting!

  10. Beverly Read

    Hello! I am a Beginner Quilter. I have almost completed putting together my quilt and am looking for a class to take that will show me how to use my machine and learn how to do the Quilting Stitches on top! I see you have so many wonderful classes and am not sure which one I need:) This is a queen size quilt and is the first one I have ever made and am very excited to see if coming all together!! Thank You for you Help! Beverly

  11. Risky

    I love your online courses. But I hope that we can see some courses on techniques that are fast becoming a dying art, but are so important – at least with respect to cake decorating. I’d love to see more courses using butter cream techniques, from forming flowers, to borders and other types of techniques and methods. Most of the individuals I bake for do not want fondant covered cakes – although they love the look. So more courses using butter cream, or a combination of butter cream with royal, or others, would be nice to see. In any event, I will continue to take your courses, because they’re terrific!

    • Support

      Hi. Thanks so much for your suggestions. We’re so glad to hear you are enjoying your Craftsy classes. I’ll be sure to let our production team know you’re interested in more buttercream classes on Craftsy!

  12. Paula

    Dear Craftsy,
    Thanks for helping me get back on track with my exercise routine. Yep, you got that right. I’ve installed the Craftsy app on my I-Pad so I can watch your videos while walking every day on my treadmill. I LOVE multi-tasking!


  13. Janet Urdahl

    My daughter has become and avid fan of Craftsy and I wanted to surprise her with the Mystery Box for Christmas which I paid 40.00 for and was supposed to be worth 100.00. I was very disappointed. there were 3 skeins of yarn…none matching (which I expected and a set of circular needles. Not happy to be giving this to my daughter this Christmas. I have not reference the items yet but still not happy.

    • Support

      Hello Janet,

      We’re so sorry to hear that you were not happy with your Mystery Box. Can you send us an email at so we can help you further? Our members’ satisfaction is important to us!

  14. Jan Harper

    Craftsy is awesome. I have enjoyed each class and I had the joy of sharing Craftsy fun with gift certificates for family and friends this Christmas. I wonder if you have considered classes that would teach photography or wood-working? Those would be great to share with some of the men in my life. The knitting, quilting, sewing and food courses are fantastic. Thank you for ‘teaching’ all of us something new each day. Keep up the great work.

  15. Anne Tsporhore

    I am totally so overwhelmed by what craftsy has given me. I am one of the winners of’ win your wish list’. You have made my year. I love you guys to bits not only for the “gifts” but the quality of your videos. They are so explicit and the tutors give so much more than we actually bargained for. Ouch! I’m off , I have to start watching them. Muahhhhh to you all and have a great year ahead.

  16. Betsy

    I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful classes and inspiration. I have a suggestion for a class. I wish you would find someone to teach a class on re-upholstering chairs and couches, or a class on how to fit and make slip covers. I know several ladys who would buy that class in a heart beat. Thanks for everything you do. Its awesome what you have created, much luck to your continued success!!!

  17. Cath

    Having just finished Cindy Needham’s quilting class I must say that I was quite impressed and want more. Cindy has a great screen personality, wonderful rich samples and does a great job teaching. Please get more classes done by her. Thank you for including her in your lineup. Now….on to the next class….

  18. Jean

    I ordered the Boho fat quaraters today for your free class on Blocks of the Month-I am a new member and not sure where I can ask a question about fabric. I wanted to substitute a backgound fabric for the Kona Snow -any suggestions-. Thanks Jean

  19. sarah Trebilcock

    Lea Day’s machine quilting class was the best I have ever taken either on the web or in person. She is easy to understand and the photograpy was amazing. Hope she will be doing more classes for you!

  20. Sandy Emig

    I really enjoy your classes. I’m just exploring quilting and am enrolled in several of those courses. I watch Craftsy classes instead of TV and really lose track of time. I’ve always been intrigued and fascinated with Crazy quilts and the beautiful emroidery stitches used on them. You have such gifted and creative quilting instructors. Might you have one that is passionate about Crazy quilts?

  21. Carrie

    Thank you for all the interesting classes. I have really enjoyed them. I would like to see a class offered soon on sewing with linen. I think that would be helpful for me as well as others I know. Thanks again.

  22. Babyblessings

    I’m a newcomer to Craftsy and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve already finished 3 or 4 projects using patterns I’ve downloaded!

    I’m writing to make a couple of suggestions for making it easier to navigate your awesome site. One, I would LOVE for there to be an option for a refined search. For instance, for free patterns, $3 or less, $5 or less, beginner, intermediate, hats, baby booties…

    I would also love an option for a “quick view” as some stores’ sites have with their products, where you scroll over a picture and a box with basic information appears. That way you can save time not always having to click on it to go to another page if the “quick view info” can answer your question.

    Also, it would be nice to divide the results in pages. After scrolling through over 1000 results and if I click on one to read about it and then go back, it takes quite a long time for it to get back to where I left off. Sometimes when I click the “back” button and as it’s scrolling through the first patterns I see patterns I didn’t recall seeing earlier. This is quite possibly because I wasn’t paying attention, but I wonder if the patterns are in the same order or if going back and forth between the search results and individual pattern pages scrabbles them causing me to miss seeing some of the patterns.

    Hopefully I’m making sense! Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • Support

      Hi Babyblessings,

      Thank you for your great suggestions for our pattern store! We are always looking for new ways to improve our site and I will be sure to pass these suggestions along!

  23. Paisley

    I love my Craftsy classes! I don’t even have enough time to watch all of them at present, but I would like to suggest some craft topics I would love to see on here! I am really interested in dyeing fabrics and have enjoyed both of your classes on that subject, “Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist” and “The Art of Cloth Dyeing.”

    There are a number of topics I would love to see covered on Craftsy regarding this subject, but especially Shibori. There is a DVD called “Arashi Shibori” by Ana Lisa Hedstrom offered on Dharma Trading’s website . Perhaps you could get this artist to do a Craftsy class?

    Any dyeing or painting on cloth (silk, cotton, rayon, etc) classes are appreciated!

    Thank you so much for your awesome website.


    • Support

      Hi Paisley,

      What a great suggestion! I will be sure to pass this class suggestion along to our pre-production team!

  24. Judy D

    Ever since my friend in Ireland hooked me up with this site, I’ve been so inspired. I love to enter the contests because I’m looking for more fabric and it’s getting so expensive these days. Please put me in the draw.

  25. Mezzy Briggs

    I am so happy with the classes I have taken so far, and think that the Craftsy idea is an amazing idea, especially for those of us who live in country towns and can’t get to big city events. I would love to see a class teaching basic drawing, things like landscapes, buildings, faces etc. I would sign up as soon as possible. I am sure there would be many people who would love to learn to draw properly.
    Thank you for the possibility!!

  26. Sue Oelrich aka Daisy and Florrie

    I’d love to see a lingerie sewing class – especially retro items and corsets! Sources for supplies and materials would be important – has Craftsy ever considered offering a kit with the needed items as an add-on to such a class?

    Cheers, Sue

  27. Kelli

    Hey you wonderful crafty craft people at Craftsy! I love, love, love all the cake decorating classes I have enrolled in and I would dearly love to see a cookie decorating class. There are so many amazing cookie decorators that are emerging on the market. Would you ever consider it?

    Thanks, Kelli

  28. Mary Lou Hoffman

    I started with Craftsy with Amy’s wonderful BOM2012. My first quilt at 60+! I have learned so much with the numerous quilting classes I’ve taken to date. They have been clear and challenging and I love being able to access anytime, rewind, take notes, and get quick encouraging answers to any questions I’ve asked. I’m currently juggling 2013 BOM, Leah’s Free Motion Filler and Camille’s extraordinary Pre-cut Piecing. Love her quilt patterns and beautiful fresh fabrics. Thanks to each of the talented Crafty instructors for sharing their gifts.

  29. Joan

    I have thoroughly loved all the Craftsy classes I have taken! This format is so much better than taking a live class, as I have the ability to rewind and have these videos for a lifetime! Thank you so much!

    On a side note, I would really love to take a knit sewing class and there quite a few available. I was trying to look at the reviews, to see which one I would enjoy more, but it seems every comment for the teachers are all positive. Is there someone out there by chance, that has taken both and has a preference?

  30. MissKnitMisfit

    Is there a link to offer suggestions?

    • Support

      Hi MissKnitMisfit,
      There isn’t a direct link at the moment for offering suggestions on Craftsy, but we’d love to hear them! Please feel free to send these our way to

  31. Anita Robertson, RN

    You display some beautiful and clever items. Too bad none is for me. My craft is crochet… I have made toys, clothes, and blankets for my entire family, and am beginning a new afghan for an expected grandson… However, I see no such items on your site… I could convert a lot of the knit patterns, but if you are approaching this with the idea of new ideas, I don’t think copied patterns really fit. My dad knew how to tat, too bad he died before I could have him teach me, or I would suggest a “tit for tat” motif for your “knitted knockers”…

  32. Cherine

    Thank you Craftsy team! Thanks to you I can keep learning new techniques everyday.
    I found it difficult to physically go to lessons in a shop here and now I can stay at home and learn at leisure from the greatest teachers. I also find that nobody is holding back on information to make many things easier, whereas the local teachers would not divulge any extra knowledge they had .
    Once I got home the struggle to solve problems would let me know that certain things were not taught.
    Thank you also for the many class choices and the quality of delivery .

  33. Melissa Gelder

    I am thoroughly enjoying the Craftsy classes I’ve enrolled in and love the platform, the whole site is inspiring. I live in New Zealand, am a quilter, so my classes centre in that area. There is a growing interest in copyright etiquette and I am wondering if Craftsy has any suggestions on crediting patterns when posting photos? Also, if your work is NOT copyrighted, and original, does posting a picture of your work constitute “public domain?”, thereby voiding copyright? My inclination is to copyright first (provided the work is originally mine) and post pictures later. After all, it’s about $30usd. Has any body else thought of this? I would love to hear comments. Many thanks, Melissa.

  34. Taylor

    The cutest quilt patterns I find are on Craftsy! Thank you!!!

  35. Gwen

    I love, love, love Craftsy. I have enrolled in most of the sewing classes as well as several others. On the two occasions that I had a problem, a quick call to customer service was all it took for the problem to be resolved in a way that was even better than what I had been asking for. I would love to see a class on sewing swimwear as well as one on sewing bras. Thanks for the great classes and the superior customer service.

  36. Wendy

    Love your classes! Would be very interested in future classes on puppet-making and furniture upholstery. My daughter would love more projects aimed at teens.


  37. Jamie Brown

    My name is Jamie and I am a craftsyholic! There I said it, I have signed up for many Craftsy classes and have not been disappointed with a single one. I do have my favorites but really love them all. I would love to see a screen printing class offered. I knit, crochet, bead, quilt and sew garments. Fabric manipulation is my first passion and would love to learn screen printing as yet another place to add beading and embroidery. Thanks for listening.

  38. Support

    Thank you all for your class suggestions, including sewing swimwear, furniture upholstery and screen printing. We always appreciate feedback about the great classes our member’s would like to see on Craftsy, as we continue to add new classes to our site. Thank you craftsyholics!

  39. Mary Jane Johnson

    I love craftsy and wanted to thank you for it.
    I would like to suggest a class on making lingerie.

  40. Deanna Peters

    I have been taking the “working with knit fabrics” course, online, and have learned so much and been re-affirmed in some of the techniques that i already do.
    Living in Canada presents some challenges in how to find the materials needed for a sewing project. Then I found an online retail store in Canada and am so excited to share it. (They ship worldwide.)

    I have found the best European jersey knits and trims at

  41. Linda Szymoniak

    I stumbled on your site while I was looking for patterns for dog coats that I can make and sell at adoption events to raise funds for my rescue, Hearts and Hounds Rescue (and also donate to shelters and for dogs on transports during winter). I haven’t really had time to do much sewing since starting my rescue, but so many of the projects I saw while browsing have me inspired. Of course, I could really use help with coming up with a basic, easy- and fast-to-sew, yet stylish dog coat so if anyone is good at making patterns please contact me. In the meantime, I am going to go through my huge stash of fabrics I’ve collected over the years (bought for projects that were never done, bought because of an amazing sale and I couldn’t resist, overbought for projects that were completed, and of course, tons of scraps and remnants from projects) and get busy making some of the projects I saw on your site. We just repainted our living room and put in some great shelves that I now need to find creative items to display in. I know I’ll have more ideas than shelf space, but then I’ll just have to add more shelves!

  42. beth

    how do i delete the items in my craftsy library after i download the pattern? also when i downloaded them it showed them downloading, but i cant find where they went. help!!! pls.

    • Support

      We are happy to help with your pattern inquiry! At the moment, there is not a feature to remove a pattern from your Pattern Library once you’ve downloaded it. Retaining your patterns in your Pattern Library ensures your access to your patterns anytime, anywhere! This also guarantees that you have the most up-to-date version if the pattern designer makes any changes.

      Depending on how your computer is set up, your patterns may automatically download to a file on your computer or you may be asked to choose where to save them. Please email us at for further assistance and we happy to ensure your access to your patterns!

  43. Barb Horte

    In the quilting section under filters, I’d love to see a way to sort by difficulty.

    • Support

      Thank you for the feedback! We always love hearing from our members and what they want to see on Craftsy. While you will see see a “Great For Beginners” banner for classes best suited for those just starting out, at the moment there isn’t a way to sort by difficulty, since every quilter’s skill set can be different. Please check out the “Lessons” tab to see the skills you should have to be successful with completing a course.

  44. Carole Rankin

    How do people use the shawls they create? When I make one, everyone wants to know where and when someone would wear one.

    • Karen Kelty

      Hi Carole!
      We actually have a blog post coming out in the next couple weeks on different ways to wear shawls, so be sure to check back!

  45. Ann Christian

    I would like to see a class for Machine Beading if possible.

  46. Bobbi price

    This site was recommended from a friend, but I do watercolor, and I am disappointed that there isn’t more offered for this medium. I saw only one class, and I am not interested in portraits.

  47. Paula DuVander

    Please have Lola Jenkins teach another class! Her Thread Art was amazing and I learned skills to take me in a new direction. I produced a class project that I never thought I could produce. Lola is entertaining, very clear in her instruction and the video angles were tight enough to really see details. I want to learn more advanced techniques. Thank you for offering Lola’s first class. Please add more! I have come to depend on Craftsy for a primary learning tool in my quilting. Thank you!

  48. debbi

    I signed up for the Franklin Habit’s class “Heirloom Lace Edgings”. I am loving this class. Please bring him back for other classes. He just taught a class for our guild as well. What a wonderful instructor. I really enjoyed his class and hope you have him teach other classes.
    Thank You,

  49. D

    I have enjoyed the Crafty classes and platform. I have a comment on the new Global Cupcake Design class. The class is called “Global” Design; however, there are no instructions for designing any darker skin tones.
    Normally I would not have even mentioned it, but the description says “During my class, you’ll layer and embellish fondant to create detailed cupcake toppers based on photos of people from around the world.”, but when I look at the class photos, there is no apparent instruction on how to color the fondant or provide details that would reflect African American or darker other skinned decorations. I may be wrong, as I did not purchase the class because of this detail.
    I have enjoyed the Craftsy classes, but I have not been able to identify where any of the instructors give any tips on African American tones. Ann Heath did mention it quickly in her figures crafting class, and answered a question in the forum on this. Thanks Anne!
    I hope that in the future, some of the classes will show us how to do these types of colorations and details, as I have a large client base which spans all types of people.

  50. Johanna Lovering

    I love Craftsy. I very much enjoyed Quilt as You Go Tote bags
    I would like to suggest a class. Londa Rohlfing teaches how to make the most beautiful
    jackets made from sweatshirts. I saw her at the Houston Quilt Festival and thought a
    Craftsy class by her would be great.